Tibetan massage with honey

Tibetan massage with honey

The technique of this massage originated in Ancient Tibet. This massage is based on the interaction of the skin with the biologically active substances of honey. After carrying out such massage the skin is more velvety and smooth, the pores are cleaned, the metabolic products are removed and excess fat is removed.

Professionals consider this massage to be the most effective. Massage is done with natural flower honey. With his help, you can quickly adjust the figure and strengthen the body.

By means of honey massage, weight reduction and good cosmetic effect are achieved, muscles are quickly restored, they are saturated with oxygen much faster, blood supply improves, including in the subcutaneous fat layer, swelling is removed, body metabolism is accelerated. Already after the first procedure there is an increase in smoothness and silky skin, its color becomes more healthy, flaccidity leaves and cellulite disappears.

For honey massage you can use any natural honey that does not contain additives and is not candied. If desired, you can add any aromatic oil: grapefruit, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, lavender, etc., based on 5 drops of oil per 1 teaspoon of honey. When massage the thighs or buttocks – 5 drops for 2 teaspoons.

Massage techniques

Massage is done by 2 main movements: honey is pressed into the skin and comes out of it from an effect resembling a vacuum. To begin with, the body must be rubbed with honey and massaged. Use either on problem areas (15-20 minutes), or on the whole body (about an hour).

Massage begins with legs and back, then it needs to be washed off and go to the massage of the front part: legs, abdomen, chest, hands. It can be used as a wellness, or in combination with anti-cellulite to remove slag and smooth the skin.

To begin with, honey must be applied to the hands and transferred to the body with a tap. After this, it is necessary to “glue” the palms and sharply tear them away. Each time you need to press your hands harder and tear them away more sharply. Thus, honey enters the body, and on the hands remains a white foam, which is released by their pores.

This procedure is quite painful and lasts 5 to 10 minutes. After you need to wash the honey in warm water, do not use a hard washcloth for this, and then always lubricate the skin with moisturizing cream.

After this massage, on the delicate skin can even form bruises, which eventually pass, and the skin gets used and not so painfully reacts to this procedure.

For effectiveness, the course of massage should last 10 – 15 sessions every other day.

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Tibetan massage with honey