Compresses for the face from snow

Compresses for the face from snow

It remains to add that representatives of the medical world have different attitudes to cosmetics. Not so long ago, doctors who worked in the field of cosmetics looked obliquely, and serious scientific institutions and dermatologists considered this work unworthy of a solid physician.

But life has made its own adjustments. Now there is not a single treatment and prophylactic institution with a method for skin diseases, where they would not help patients with cosmetics if they need it. How can this be explained? And why did this change in the views and tactics of many doctors?

The change in living conditions, the growth of culture and the development of aesthetic tastes put wider demands on cosmetics. Modern cosmetics can not be just a screen that hides visible defects. The natural purpose of cosmetics is not only to mask various shortcomings, but also to take care of the general condition of the skin, to preserve its normal functions, to prevent its various changes.

Why it is necessary to pay special attention to the skin condition? Because the skin is important in the overall health balance.

The skin performs very important life tasks. It protects internal organs from various unfavorable external influences: cold, wind heat. The skin counteracts various, mechanical injuries, takes part in the fight against infectious diseases – it itself develops protective means against many infectious diseases.

Skin is also of great importance as a regulator of heat in the body. Taking part in the exchange of heat between the body and the environment, it maintains a certain temperature in the body, retains heat at an external cold temperature and gives it away unnecessarily at a high external temperature.

Skin is also the organ of excretion. In addition to sweat, with which different harmful substances are emitted from the body, the skin secretes sebum. It softens its surface and hair and prevents drying of the skin. Skin fat also provides elasticity and tenderness to the skin. The skin takes part in breathing, taking a certain amount of oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.


Compresses from snow.

Cold preserves not only food, but preserves and feminine beauty. The whole procedure takes about 8 minutes, gives a wonderful effect – the skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear, a pleasant pinkish color appears.

It is done this way: from the balcony or the window sill you take a full handful of pure snow, pour it into a napkin, the ends of which are twisting and the middle part of the napkin with snow is quite strongly applied to the face and neck. And, do not forget the upper eyelids and chin. Apply until the face freezes. You can do this procedure early in the morning, when you wake up, when the night cream is not washed off, or before going to bed.

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Compresses for the face from snow