How to remove the skin from a rabbit

How to remove the skin from a rabbit

Meat of rabbits is very valuable. It is more, tender, lean and easily digestible, light pink in color. It tastes like turkey meat. The content of proteins is dominated by lamb, pork, beef. In rabbit meat, little cholesterol, so it is an indispensable food for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, it can be used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver. Kroli is better to be hammered in the winter, because at present we get a double benefit: high-quality fur and a large yield of meat.

Before hammering rabbits, they are not fed for 10 to 12 hours. They are hammered this way: they take the animal by the ears and put it on the table (bench or stool), hold it tight, knock it in the frontal bone with a small hammer, or with the left hand take for the hind legs and when the crotch stretches out and settles down, sharply beat with a stick on the back of the head, or with the left hand hold the animal by the skin close to the neck, raise it, and the right beat with a stick on the head from the side of the nose.

For bloodlessness, the rabbit is immediately suspended from the hind paws on the hooks, the eye is removed, or the wall of the nasal cavity is pierced (with a knife, sharp knife). In this state, the carcass hangs (5-7 minutes) until the blood runs out.

Before removing the skin, release the bladder from urine. For this, the hammered rabbit with one hand is taken by the ears or forepaws, and the second one is pressed several times on the stomach from top to bottom (from the chest to the pelvis) to complete cessation of urine release.

Skin from the carcass is removed in this sequence (see the figure):

How to remove the skin from a rabbit

1. The animal is suspended from the hind legs by sharp hooks (at a height of about 180 cm), which pierce the legs above the hocks.

2. With a sharp knife, slightly above the hock joints,

make annular incisions.

3. Cut the cuticle along the hips (from the inside) down to the base of the tail (anus).

4. Peel is carefully removed from the hind limbs, previously cutting off the tail and cutting the skin around the anus in the direction toward the head (see the figure). The knife is used only when it is necessary to trim the shell, which combines the skin with meat, the tail is cut without removing the skin from it, or after making a longitudinal cut on the peel, is removed. The hind legs are left in the fur to the hocks, not cutting off.

5. After removing the skin from both hips of the hind legs, take the skin firmly with both hands and carefully, if possible without a knife, pull down. From the trunk to the front legs, the skin is removed easily in the form of a stocking. Near the scapula it can hold subcutaneous muscles, which are cut with a knife.

6. The front legs are cut together with the skin on the wrist joint. The head can be cut off near the base with the skin or cut through the head, carefully cut the ears near the base, cut the ear cartilage and the skin around the eyes and lips. Ear cartilage of pelts to take out.

Crawley is gutted immediately after they have hammered and removed the skin, performing the operations in this sequence:

1. Cut off the hind legs.

2. Cut the abdomen from the bottom to the diaphragm, remove the intestines, and cut the intestines at the anus.

3. From the insides separate the liver, heart, lungs and kidneys, carefully removing the gallbladder.

4. The anal opening is deeply cut and thrown out together with the intestines.

5. The carcass inside and outside is thoroughly washed several times with cold water and squeezed.

6. Cut the rabbit carcass on the back and front parts, separating the fillet along with the hind legs along the line of the last thoracic vertebra.

7. The front part (depending on the disassembly pattern) can be divided as follows: head, scapula, thoracic, abdominal parts, thoracic cut along the spine.

The front part is suitable for extinguishing or cooking (cooking first dishes), as well as for pate (with the addition of all giblets). When preparing dishes from the front, meat should not be pre-marinated, but it is advisable to add a little pork and spices.

The back part, which is divided into fillets and hams, is good for roasting and baking, you can extinguish it. The back part is better pickled for 2-3 days in vinegar and spices. Meat becomes tender, soft, tasty. After pickling with fillets and hams remove the film, and the meat is larded with bacon to make it juicy.

If the meat is not pickled, put the carcass after slaughtering put it in a cold place for 1-2 days, so that it ripens and becomes softer, since unripe and non-minted rabbit meat is less tasty.

Of the well-fed rabbit, an average of 75% of meat from the weight of the carcass. The suitability of rabbit meat for food is different. The dishes are nutritious and are marked by exquisite taste. It can also be used for sausages, mainly for sausages and pâtés. It should be noted that pork is added to rabbit meat for the preparation of sausages and pâtés.

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How to remove the skin from a rabbit