Cosmetics with honey

Tibetan massage with honey

The technique of this massage originated in Ancient Tibet. This massage is based on the interaction of the skin with the biologically active substances of honey. After carrying out such massage the skin is more


– You can treat baldness in two ways. First. Mix (1 tablespoon kefir, one teaspoon of castor oil, onion juice, Honey , one yolk of chicken egg), it is advisable to rub into the scalp

Lotion for cleaning the skin of the face

For several millennia, the gifts of “winged hard workers” – honey, royal jelly, propolis, wax are successfully used as medical and cosmetic products. Honey, easily penetrating into the smallest pores of the skin, nourishes it

Recipes of honey masks for the face with dry skin

Recipe 1 For dry and normal skin, an effective mask of 100 g of honey mixed with the juice of one lemon is applied in a thin layer and left for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off

Recipes for toning masks with honey

Recipe 1 A tablespoon of honey to warm up in a water bath to a full melting, add gradually a tablespoon of oatmeal and egg whites knocked into foam. Mass with a consistence of thick

Recipes of honey masks for the face with oily skin

Recipe 1 Fresh soft cheese is well grinded and mixed with honey (on a tablespoon of cheese 1/2 teaspoon of honey) and smear this mixture with the skin of the face. After 20 minutes rinse.

Withering and sun-damaged skin

Honey is not only food and health, it is also beauty. Stunning cosmetic properties of this product are known since ancient times. Honey masks soften, strengthen and nourish the skin, increase its elasticity and prevent

Compresses for the face from snow

It remains to add that representatives of the medical world have different attitudes to cosmetics. Not so long ago, doctors who worked in the field of cosmetics looked obliquely, and serious scientific institutions and dermatologists

Skin Care in Winter

When we oppose everything unnatural in all areas of life, against formalism in art, why should one take care of the beauty of the face, resorting to artificial images and various cosmetic means? Or do

Decoction of honey of lime blossom

Is there a person in the world who does not want to be beautiful? Is there a person in the world who does not want to make his appearance more attractive? Is there a person

Cream for dry skin with wax

So, hypocrisy in matters of cosmetics is completely superfluous; Apply decorative cosmetic means in many cases is advisable, but it must be done cleverly. Someone has a completely false idea of ​​the so-called cosmetic means.

Cosmetics Cleopatra

In the life of the whole organism, water, salt, protein, hydrogen and fat metabolism are of great importance. Skin plays a significant role in all types of exchange. After all, and this is of particular

Honey in cosmetics

Honey with its unique biological activity has become an indispensable component of many cosmetic preparations manufactured by industry. It is used more and more in the production of cosmetic creams, masks, lipstick, shampoos, toilet soap,

How to get rid of hairiness on the face

Recipe 1 Cream with excessive hairiness on the face. Without the least risk to health use the Arab method of bleaching hair: in a spoon of heated honey add the juice of half a lemon

Mask from wrinkles

20 g grated in a stupa of pollen, 50 g of olive oil, 50 g of chopped clay – kaolin, 50 g of bee honey, knead to a mushy state, allow to stand for one