Zheltkovo-tolokonno-honey mask

Zheltkovo tolokonno honey mask

Honey is a wonderful cosmetic because it has the ability to quickly penetrate the skin, nourishes the muscle layer with glucose, has antibacterial and other important cosmetic properties. MA Rosentul in the monograph “General Therapy of Skin Diseases” notes that bees honey not only softens the skin, but also perfectly strengthens it, enriching the muscle layer with glycogen.

To strengthen and soften the skin, so-called honey masks are recommended, consisting of pure honey or a mixture of it in equal parts with egg yolk and sour cream.

The most common recipe for a honey mask: 100 g of honey bee (if it crystallized, it is slightly heated) is mixed with 25 g of alcohol and 25 g of water until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The honey mask is applied with a cotton swab in a thin layer on the skin cleaned with oil, after 15 minutes washed off with warm water and the dry skin is slightly powdered.

The composition of the yellow-tolikonno-honey mask includes a teaspoon of bee honey, a tablespoon of oatmeal and one egg yolk. Prepare the mixture as follows: to the beaten egg yolk add a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of oatmeal and grind until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Honey masks are more effective than creams, ointments; they not only soften the skin, but nourish it. Due to its hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing) properties, honey absorbs skin discharge, has a disinfecting effect. Honey masks, honey solutions, creams give the skin freshness, velvety.

For the dry skin of the face, the following honey mask is recommended: wash the face with warm water, make a hot compress, then lubricate the face with vegetable oil, apply a thin, thin layer of cotton wool on the face with cut out holes for the mouth and eyes; honey ointment (wheat flour -30 g, water -30 g, pure honey-50 g) with a cotton swab put on a cotton pad and leave the mask for 20 minutes; then remove the cotton mask soaked in honey, make three hot compresses, rinse your face with water at room temperature.

The author of the book tested and described the physiological and preventive effect of honey baths: 200-250 g of honey on the bath beneficially affect the entire body. After the honey bath you should take a shower.

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Zheltkovo-tolokonno-honey mask