Vitaminized honey

Vitaminized honey

Speaking about the fact that bees in their bodies transform artificial nectar into vitamin-medicinal honey. Polyvitaminized honey is a natural bee honey, mechanically enriched with vitamins, highly nutritious, medicinal and other valuable substances. Thus, the difference between biological and mechanical methods is great: in the first case, the bee actively participates in the formation of honey, in the second – the person.

Thousands of grams of vitamins not only protect the human body from various diseases (beriberi), but also increase its defenses against infections and harmful external influences.

Experiments have shown that concentrates of vitamin C from rose hips and other plants proved to be more effective therapeutic agents than synthetic ascorbic acid. This is due to the fact that the action of ascorbic acid, derived from plant raw materials, is due to the presence in it of other biologically active substances (for example, flavones, catechins and related compounds).

Clinical observations have established that synthetic vitamins are better absorbed if a person gets them in combination with natural food. In this respect, multivitaminized honey is an exceptionally valuable product. It contains the following vitamins A (axerophthol), B1 (aneurine), B2 (ribo-flavin), C (ascorbic acid), PP (nicotinic acid), D (calciferol). The importance of the complex of these important vitamins for the human body is enormous.

Vitamin A enhances the protective properties of the skin and mucous membranes, maintains normal vision and the normal function of endocrine glands, protects the body from infection. In addition, it stimulates the growth processes in the body.

Vitamin B1 takes an active part in the carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, has an extremely beneficial effect on the normal activity of the nervous system. Some scientists rightly call it “natural bromine”.


D protects against rickets and promotes the normal development of bones and teeth.

Vitamin PP takes an active part in protein metabolism.

Calcium is important for the body not only because it is the main component of the skeleton, but also because it increases the defenses of the body in fighting infections, activating the ability of phagocytes to destroy the microorganisms that have got into the body. Calcium promotes the full use of food, has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system, promotes blood clotting.

100 g of one of the varieties of multivitaminated honey contains: vitamin A-13 200 IU, vitamin B1-8 mg, vitamin B2 – 8, vitamin C – 300, vitamin PP – 60, calcium salts – 3200 mg. The daily dose of multivitaminized honey for a healthy person is 25 g. According to the doctor’s advice, it can be increased.

In 100 grams of multivitaminized (baby) honey contains: vitamin A – 13 200 IU, vitamin B1-6 mg, vitamin B2 – 8, vitamin C – 300, vitamin R – 60 mg, vitamin D – 4000 IU, calcium salts – 4000 mg. The daily dose of such honey for a healthy child is 25 g.

To obtain large amounts of multivitaminized honey in a room where honey is poured and packaged, a special device (electric stirrer, mixer) is installed, which accurately and evenly distributes vitamins and calcium between the invert sugar crystals and other honey components. Water-soluble vitamins C, B1, B2, PP due to the high hygroscopicity of honey (it contains about 20% of water) dissolve very quickly in it and are distributed between the glucose crystals; fat-soluble vitamins A and D are crushed into tiny balls and also evenly distributed between the crystals of glucose and levulose. Due to the viscosity, the smallest fatty vitamin balls do not stick together.

Polyvitaminized honey is a homogeneous mass in which the particles of honey, vitamins and calcium are evenly distributed. This can be verified by chemical analysis and microscopy, as well as by uniform and homogeneous light yellow color of honey with riboflavin (vitamin B2). Honey is quickly and easily absorbed by the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and serves as a kind of conductor for vitamins and calcium, which along with it fall into the flow of blood.

Multivitaminized honey adults and children can also take in conjunction with other foods.

It can be assumed that polyvitaminized honey will find wide application in the treatment of radiation sickness and especially in the prevention of harmful effects of ionizing radiation. In our time, when radioactive isotopes are increasingly used in medicine, the development of methods for treating radiation sickness is of great importance. Soviet scientists use vitamin B (pyridoxine), intravenous glucose injections with vitamin C, etc., to treat this disease.

Observations showed that for various diseases, instead of injecting glucose with vitamin C, you can ingest vitaminized honey, which has about the same therapeutic effect. Vitaminized honey can be taken with a preventive purpose.

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Vitaminized honey