A solution for dressing skins

A solution for dressing skins


For 3 liters of water a tablespoon of salt and detergent.

For 3 liters of warm water on a tablespoon of salt, washing powder, a glass of vinegar.

In both cases, soak the skins for 3 days.


1. To 3 liters of water half a glass of salt, and a half cup of oatmeal. All this stir and soak the skins for three days in a warm place. Then grease with a warm dough and again withstand 3 days. This is a portion for 4 skins.


I will share the secret of dressing my father’s skins (sheep), which he made a lot for his simple method.

A. The skin is cleaned of dirt (washed), spread fur on the ground, sprinkled with a glass of salt, on top of which it is smeared with a sour rye dough 4-5 cm thick. After that, the hide is folded with an envelope so as not to damage the fur, and then fold it in half again not penetrated by water.

B. In the tub (preferably oak) put the rolled hide and pour cold water and so keep 2 – 3 weeks, depending on the temperature. When the waste separates from the skin, they must be removed.

At. Water from the tub, pour, wash, reinsert the skin and finely chopped oak bark, pour fresh water without salt for further maturation. Observe it for 5-6 days, if the skin has soaked the solution well, to be soft (the father cut a piece and found out how much the skin was impregnated with the solution). After that, the skin is washed with soap and dried.

Dry skin tinder with chalk and scrape with the usual kitchen knife, and then squeeze out on the device for kneading leather.


As our ancestors skinned the skin I do not know, but once wrote down the way the North American Indians. I think that it is useful, and in particular, suitable for dressing skins of cattle, horses, pigs, etc.

So, the skin for 2-3 days put in warm mud (a puddle with a marsh, etc.), so that her hair is soaked.

During this time, the skin becomes milky-white, soft, it is easy to clean hair. The skin is rinsed and the stupid knife is scraped off the remains of fat until it ceases to be sticky to the touch. Take the liver and brain of the animal (better than the one from which the skin is removed). The liver is cooked at least hours, rubbed and mixed with the brain until the pasty state.

The skin is generously greased with such paste, folded in half, then rolled up and put for two days in a cool place. Then rinse well and dry in the sun. The dried skin is kneaded, smoked in thick smoke for several hours, hanging it over the smoke then one second side. The skin will darken and become ready for making clothes, shoes, bags, etc. It is simple and accessible to everyone, which does not require any medications.

Preservation of hides is carried out immediately after removal from the carcass of animals with large rock salt and dried in the shade, hair down.

The raw material is processed at room temperature (+ 18-20 њ C).

The otmochka lasts a day, and thick skins – one and a half – two days. For 1 liter of water take 30 grams of salt.

Cleaning of skins from fat, mezdra, meat remains is carried out with a blunt knife or scraper on a table or board. Then the skin is washed, best of all with powder.

The leaven is prepared like this.

For 10 liters of water take 800 g of salt, 300 g of wheat flour, 300-500 g of oatmeal or rye bran. The skins are densely sprinkled with flour and bran, piled in an enamel pot, poured with a solution and mixed twice a day: the bottom is removed upward, and the upper ones are lowered downwards. The temperature of the solution should not be lower than 15-18 њ C. Keep in this state of thin (muskrats, rabbits) need 8-10 days, dogs and goats – 20-25 days, cattle – 1 month.

Drying the skin occurs with hair downwards without direct sunlight. After that, the raw materials are sprayed with water and put hair down, or hair to the hair. A cloth wrapped in a rag is held for 12 hours at a temperature not lower than 22 њ у.

The skin after drying should be elastic and easy to stretch. Otherwise, it is not ready.

For preparation of skins, such a solution is also prepared. For 10 liters of water at a temperature of 90-100 њ C take 200 g of barley, corn and oatmeal and 350 g of salt. The solution is cooled to room temperature, poured into enameled dishes with skins and mixed every 12 hours. In such a solution, skins of sheep, rabbits, muskrat 7-8 days, goats, dogs – 12-13 days are kept. Then the skins are washed well and dried in the shade.

To treat the skins with oatmeal, you need to grind oats and use together with the sexual (bran). In a clay, wooden or glass vessel, dissolve the oatmeal to the density of sour cream (metal can not be used).

After this, water is added, in which the kitchen salt and yeast, previously mixed in a small amount of water, are dissolved. For 10 kg of flour take 100-200 g of yeast and 200 – 250 g of salt. The vessel with the test is covered and put in a warm place for 4-6 days.

After the busting has stopped and the dough begins to smell of alcohol, they can spread the skin from the side of the skin, folded in half, and the hair covering outward, leaving it so throughout the day. After clearing the dough with a knife, remove the subcutaneous film and the remains of meat, fat, again spread it with oatmeal and pour it in half a day for another day. After this, the skin is hung out to be dried with a shovel upward, without cleaning the dough from it. Dry the skin by avoiding moisture, direct sunlight, fire and not near heating sources. Dough as it dries away from the skin itself. The skin that has dried out is kneaded.

When the skin is firm after the dressing, it needs to be softened by a special composition – fat (per 1 liter of water): fish or seal fat – 50 grams, oleic acid – 25 cm3, ammonia 12% – 10 cm3 (metal dishes can not be used).

Lubricate skins and cream for oily skin (cosmetic), or fat from the badger. Use vegetable oil is not, because from this the skin will harden.

Dough for rabbit skin

Take (in parts): oat flour – 20, wheat – 1, salt – 5, hot water – 300. The mixture is cooled and add 10-15 parts of the thick of kvass. Dough lubricate the skin of the skin, fold in half fur-up and leave in a warm place for one or two days. Dry the skin around a heated stove or battery. After that, remove the dough, moisten with a mash with salt water and soak with oak or crustacean bark infusion. After tanning, cover the skin with fat (melted bacon). Rub the fat into the masdra, crumple the skin with your hands, lubricate again and stretch it on a stretched rope, until the skin becomes soft. After that, moisten it with water, roll it up, wrap it in tissue and leave it in this state for 10-12 hours.

It remains to dry the fur in a stretched position and, when necessary, paint.

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A solution for dressing skins