Feeding honey bees

Top-dressing honey bees is widely used in the spring-autumn season. At this time, from the nests are removed extra, subject to the culling of the frame. They are printed out and in the evening they

Beehive hive

There are also horizontal hives – beds. They are similar to long boxes or chests. There are 16-20, and sometimes 24 frames with the size of 435×300 mm. The nest of bees is expanded in

Contents of bees in the capital pavilion

I started studying bees twelve years ago, when my mentor gave me a family of bees and in his “Zaporozhets” brought her to my dacha site 30 km from the city. Soon I realized that

Correction of families affected by diarrhea

Unfounded families must be transplanted into a clean hive on clean honeycombs, feed and insulate the nest. Of the stained frames, only those transferred to a new hive, which have bee brood. In this case,

Reproduction and development of bees

Growth and development of the bee family under favorable conditions of the environment (plenty of food, proper temperature, etc.) is provided by all three forms of individuals: the uterus, working bees and drones, but their

Swarm of bees

Spring is the time of flowering, the abundance of food and the most intensive brood rearing. With the rapidity with which the larva develops, the zealous egg laying by the uterus leads to a rapid

How to use pollen

Pollen in the form of grains is indigestible, since human gastric juice can not destroy the outer membrane (film) – the ectium, which surrounds each grain. The components of the pollen grains can be extracted

Save cells

At the apiary at the end of the productive season, a significant number of nesting and shopping honeycombs free from use in families are collected. After collecting the nests for wintering, it is advisable to

Bees in the open air

Bees hibernate in the apiary, in their usual places. Whenever there are stable colds, the beekeepers open the tapes for the entire lumen. The value of the tap does not affect the temperature in the

If you were bitten by a bee

To neutralize the poison of bees when stinging various means are suggested. Many of them are ineffective, and some (wet earth, clay, etc.) are even harmful, since they can cause tetanus or blood infection. The