Binder for multi-hull

Binder for multi hull

When roaming with multi-hulls, it happens that the battens weaken.

The clip I offer for a rabid multi-hive hive is easy to use and reliable in operation. It consists of steel hooks, sliding locks and upper bracket.

At one end of each hook 1, a M8 thread with a length of 30 mm is cut, the other is bent at a right angle of 30 mm. Lock 2 consists of two welded steel pieces of length 35, diameter 1 6 mm. In one of them a hole with a diameter of 9 mm is drilled, which includes a rod with M8 threads, in the other – a hole with a diameter of 7 mm for staple rods. In the same section, two through holes for M6 threads for fixing bolts are drilled.

Staple 3 consists of a steel strip 1 mm thick, 25 mm wide, which is bent to the size of the hive. Two rods with a diameter of 6 mm are attached to it with two rivets. Their length depends on the number of cases. In the middle of the side blocks of the bottom of the hive, holes with a diameter of 8 mm are drilled, where the hooks are inserted.

With the help of sliding locks, I fix the fastener to the desired height and tighten the bolts on the locks and the nuts 4 on the hooks.

The skeleton is on the hive all season. If necessary, it is necessary to loosen the nut 4 on one side, pull the hooks from the bottom of the chisel, turn them forward by 90 њ, and the hive can be disassembled.

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Binder for multi-hull