Output of queen bees

To produce a small number of queens, the beekeeper, who has little experience in this direction, can use a very simple method. From a strong and productive family, the uterus and the open brood are

How to arrange a shower and toilet on site

But – helio shower and toilet. The plan of a separate insulated booth; b – appearance of the frame with engineering equipment; c – a garden house with a toilet-room attached to the veranda; d

Honey Cindy

Working bees are females, but in the process of development these insects lost their ability to reproduce. They ceased to operate the reproductive system, although in the distant past, like all females, they laid eggs,

Golden Bee-eater

Golden mulberry, or icteric, goldfish (Merops apiaster P.), is a small insectivorous bird flying in flocks. Arriving in packs on apiaries or in the places of flight of bees, the beetles destroy large numbers of

Determination of the content of honey pads

Equipment and utensils: marching laboratories for determination of admixture of honey paddies, pad determinant, salt cellars with lids, glass sticks (sharpened at one end), chemical test tubes, 10 ml graduated, muffle furnace, desiccator, analytical balance.

Chemical composition of bee venom

Bee venom is a colorless thick liquid with a characteristic smell and bitter burning taste. She has an acid reaction. In the air it rapidly thickens, hardens and is freed from the volatile fraction. Easily

Protein feeding of bees

Bee families in many cases feel a lack of protein feed – pollen. For example, in early spring, there often does not occur flowering plants in nature, or plants bloom at a time when unfavorable

Spring feeding bees with wine

I am interested in the history of beekeeping, I purchased the book “Proceedings of the Free Economic Society for the Promotion of Agriculture and House-Building in Russia,” published in 1775. Attention was drawn to the

Early spring feeding of kandi bee colonies

Spring and autumn are the defining time for the further development of families. Therefore, the right preparation for their fall will be a pledge of a good wintering of families. But the correct preparation of

Frame for pavilion hives

The frame is one of the most important components of the hive. It provides a strong impact on the life of the bee family during all periods of its existence, creates convenience in working with