Raspberry honey

Raspberry honey is light, has a very pleasant aroma, a wonderful taste. The honey from the raspberry is very gentle and it seems to melt in the mouth. This honey bees make nectar flowers of

Apiary in September

Warming of the hives, which was used in August to stimulate the deposition of eggs by uterus, should be removed. Malomedovye honeycomb in the center of the nest should be replaced by full-honey. Each of

Chokeberry juice with honey

Of all the berries, chokeberry contains most of all ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Perhaps this explains the recent statement about the cautious attitude to the aronia of patients on hypertension, angina and other diseases. The

Compresses for the face from snow

It remains to add that representatives of the medical world have different attitudes to cosmetics. Not so long ago, doctors who worked in the field of cosmetics looked obliquely, and serious scientific institutions and dermatologists

Carbohydrate dystrophy of bees

Carbohydrate dystrophy (starvation) – mass death of bees when exhausted from a lack of carbohydrate feed – honey. Causes of the disease. Starvation of bees at a feed insecurity can cause the death of bees

Type of hive for an apiary wintering at will

It is believed that in our zone it is advantageous to place stationary apiaries in groups of 30-35 hives. Point from the point should be located no closer than 4 5 km. Over many years

Allocation of nectar flowers of honey plants

Nectar is a sweet liquid with an admixture of organic and mineral substances emitted by flowers and other glandular cells of plants. Allocate nectar to about a thousand species of plants, which are united under

Wooden floor for a barn

Waste logging is still used badly. High-quality products made from forgings, leftovers of crowns, etc., are obtained in the form of a figured end-face parquet. This is not news, we would like to share with

Cenotainiosis of bees

Cenotainiosis is an invasive disease that causes the death and weakening of bee colonies. The causative agent of the disease is the parasitic Fly Seno-tainia tricuspis. Female flies of cenotainia have a length of 6-8

What is the therapeutic dose of honey?

Although honey does not belong to the group of strong medicinal substances, nevertheless, when treating them, the dose and time of admission are of great importance. Honey is a medicine that adults and children enjoy