A solution for dressing skins

Rabbit For 3 liters of water a tablespoon of salt and detergent. For 3 liters of warm water on a tablespoon of salt, washing powder, a glass of vinegar. In both cases, soak the skins

Mental abilities of bees

This section will be brief, since it is not worth much to say that little is known. But something to say is still necessary. Having learned about the clever arrangement of honeycombs or about the

Sweet-necked honey

Sladkonozhnikovy honey resembles a lime tree and differs from it only in a darker color. Has a strong aroma and good taste. The bees collect it from the flowers of the tree of the sweet-eared,

How to remove the skin from a rabbit

Meat of rabbits is very valuable. It is more, tender, lean and easily digestible, light pink in color. It tastes like turkey meat. The content of proteins is dominated by lamb, pork, beef. In rabbit

Reasons of swarming development

The process of swarming of a bee family can be divided into four periods: the appearance of a drone brood; detaching the bowls; pulling away the queen cells; very swarming. The first two periods are

Pollen in folk medicine

Two famous scientists informed the French Academy that clinical observations showed a positive therapeutic effect from the use of flower pollen in the treatment of sick children with anemia (anemia); due to the pollen, the

Honey’s digestibility by bees

Bees are small insects, and therefore it is not possible to determine from them the digestibility of feed by the method commonly used in animal husbandry. In addition, the bee honey taken can not be

Medobonka in the case

We offer attention to beekeepers developed by us honey. It is demountable, portable, transportable, convenient for operation on nomad apiaries. Our medogonka differs from the usual first of all in that it does not have


Med – fine food, a dietary product, its main constituents – fructose and glucose – enter the blood directly, which determines its importance as a dietary product. except for carbohydrates, the composition of honey includes

Ginseng Honey

Chinese medicine has for a long time considered the root of ginseng as a valuable medicine and calls it “a miracle of the world, a gift of immortality.” Ginseng belongs to the Araliev family. In

Help with poisoning with bee venom

When biting, as soon as possible, remove the stinger with tweezers (not with hands) to get as little poison as possible into the body, and apply a cleaned alcohol (96% or 70% alcohol) or a

Honey and apple kvass

In boiling water, first pour honey, then apple juice and add citric acid to the wort, cool to 25-27 њ C, add baker’s yeast, previously diluted in water, and raisins. After a day, the must,

Chicken with honey

1.5 kg of meat, 1/3 cup flour, 1 teaspoon ground red pepper, 1 teaspoon salt, butter, honey, lemon. Mix the meat in flour. Fry the pieces of meat in butter and lay them on a

Dancing Pollen Collectors

Along with honey as a second indispensable food, the bee family collects pollen. Pollen gatherers also inform each other about a found abundant source of a bribe, and they do it in the same way

Recipes against cough and honey

Keep honey in a clean container and away from products with a strong odor, it easily absorbs the smells of the environment. Recipe 1 Finely chop and cook ten onions and one head of garlic