The end of the main bribe

Most often, with a change in the weather, bribes also stop for the worse. Often the bad weather immediately breaks the bribes. Under favorable weather, the bribes, approaching the end, gradually weaken, the control hive

Apiary Beefs

The beekeeper must know the melliferous flora of his locality and enrich it. Only then can he count on high honey gathering. He should remember that bees collect the maximum amount of nectar and pollen

Soy flour replaces penguin

For a long time already beekeepers noticed that in the absence of pollen in nature, bees willingly collect and carry flour in beehives (in the form of patches), visiting mills, barns, warehouses and other premises.

Properties of wax

Remarkable properties of wax attracted the attention of man in ancient times. It is established that in ancient Egypt it was widely used in sacrifices. In ancient Rome and Greece, wax candles burned in the


If the family loses the uterus and there are no eggs in the hive or suitable for the withdrawal of the fistula, larvae, then at first the bees lay many uterine bowls, often even on

Beetle thief – pretend

The thief – the pretender is related to the genus Ptinus, meets up to 20 species. The most common in the hives are Ptinus fur L. and Ptinus raptor Str. The Ptinus fur beetle is

Honey against mold

In the surrounding air there is a huge amount of spores of mold fungi. Under favorable conditions (at the appropriate temperature, humidity and nutrient medium) spores rapidly germinate, the mycelium develops, penetrating into the depth

American foulbrood

American foulbrood (malignant foulbrood, printed foulbrood) is an infectious disease of bee colonies, which causes their weakening and death as a result of decay of bee larvae at the age of pupation. American foulbrood is

Red osmium in the gardens

Tell the growers about the importance of bees in the pollination of fruit-berry plants is not necessary, because everyone knows: the more they visit flowers, the higher the harvest. Honey bees perform about 80% of

Artificial honey

Academician AM Butlerov wrote that sugary substances in the form as they are given by plants do not yet represent honey; Only when they were processed in the crab of insects and thickened, having lost

Use of bees for pollination of vegetable crops in greenhouses

Familiarization with the organization of pollination by bees of cucumbers in greenhouses is best done in the form of an excursion to a large greenhouse farm. The most convenient time for visiting a farm in

Dancing on a swarm looking for a new home

With the help of dances, bees can report information not only about sources of nectar and pollen, but also about other purposes of their flights, for example, about the location of puddles with suitable water

Sense of smell and taste in bees

A person likes to talk about his “five senses,” although science has long established that, in addition to a sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, there are also some other feelings that correspond

Root storage

The room for storage of root crops should be dry. In a wet cellar for a long time you will not save any potatoes, carrots or beetroot, a day or two later you will have

Honey kvas

Kvass (bread, berry, honey, etc.) – a favorite drink in our country. Even before the formation of Kievan Rus, the art of cooking different kvass was owned by the Eastern Slavs. Honey kvass (honey) is