Each apiary has a solar wax-up. In it, bright light honeycombs are re-heated and with a minimum of labor they receive high-quality wax. However, it can not be used effectively in the early spring and

Gogol-mogol with honey

Recipe 1 Egg, 2 cups of cold milk, 6 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of lemon or orange juice mix and knock down until smooth. Serve very chilled. Recipe 2 The beaten egg is mixed

Healing Health Recipes with Honey

Recipe 1 With bronchitis, respiratory diseases. With green walnuts (for ripeness such as take for jam), fill the container, pour over the vodka. Hold for 40 days in the sun. Drink 1 teaspoonful 3-4 times

Sturgeon honey

Sturgeon honey is greenish-yellow, has a weak aroma and pleasant taste. For long-term storage is not suitable. The bees make it from the nectar of the fragrant golden yellow flowers of the weed of the

Apiary and beekeeping

Since ancient times, the glory has been established for honey to contribute to the preservation of youth and vivacity. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) said: “If you want to preserve youth, then you must eat honey.” This

Honey comb

Otitkovy honey honey bees make from flowers a clarifier acrid (young). Flowers give bees the richest bribes of nectar and pergh. Bees attend the cleaning from morning till night. Honey is golden yellow, very sweet.

Influence of various conditions on the development of bee species

For normal development of bee species, the temperature in the hive is 34-35 њ. At a lower temperature, brood development slows down sometimes enough that 18 days are required for the exit of the uterus,

The fight against the wax moth in the soviet storage

To not then fight the wax moth, it is necessary not to create conditions for its development. To a large extent, its appearance contributes to moisture and lack of ventilation. At me frames at any

Honey bees are useful insects

Perhaps you will not meet a village or a farm, wherever bees are kept. You look, near the house in a small garden in a row there are colorful hives, pieces 5-6, and even a

Training bees

The basis for the “training” of bees is the teaching of IP Pavlov on the influence of the food stimulus on the physiological reactions of animals, that is, on the creation of a corresponding conditioned

Common Honeypot

250 g of honey, 500 g of flour, 200 g of sugar, 4 eggs, 1 glass of milk or sour cream, 1 teaspoon of soda, 10 grams of ammonium, 50 g of crushed opés, and

Sawing plywood

When sawing plywood, its surface cleaves. To the edges were smooth, you need to moisten the sheet on the line of sawing with hot water. Over time, tables with removable legs loosen. It does not

Other types of bees

Science came to a firm conviction that in the course of the history of the Earth, highly organized animals developed from more low-order forms. Even in a short period of time equal to human life,

Wind turbine in-house

Fig. 1. Two-bladed wind power unit: 1 – windmill; 2 – reducer; 3 – generator; 4 – support; 5 – tail; 6 – post; 7 – extensions; 8 – the lever. Correctly made windy unit

Roller for printing out honeycombs

It is known that it is necessary to unpack honey combs not only during pumping honey, but also when replenishing feed stocks in the early spring and autumn. Printing with an apiary knife or fork