History of beekeeping

The history of beekeeping began with the so-called “wild” beekeeping. This is an organized hunt for honey. Remains of “wild” beekeeping are found in India, Mountain Shoria, etc. The first mention of beekeeping is associated

Carrots with honey

Peeled raw carrots three on a grater, watered with honey and sprinkled with crushed nuts (walnuts, peanut, almond) and mix well 300 g of carrots, 2-3 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of crushed opex. Recipe

Apple cider vinegar with honey

800 g of apples, 1 l of water, 200 g of honey, 10 g of brewer’s yeast, 20 g of black dry bread (depending on the amount of vinegar, double or triple amounts of the

Electrophoresis and bee venom

Electrophoresis is widely used in the clinic of internal, nervous, surgical, gynecological and other diseases. This method is based on electrolytic dissociation and from all modes of drug administration through the skin is the best.

Pollen in folk medicine

Atherosclerosis, adynamic disorders of a neurasthenic nature. Use pollen for a month for 1 teaspoon twice a day before meals. This course of treatment stimulates the body in cases of early aging and old age

Insulator frame

It is known that high honey gathering can be obtained from strong families with young uterus. For the artificial withdrawal of queens in the early period, I use a special frame-insulator. Cross-section of the upper

Giving honey an acid reaction

High concentration of sugars of honey ensures its long-term preservation. But bees have a method that reliably protects this product from spoilage during long-term storage: bees give the honey a sharply acid reaction (active acidity),

Wheeled cultivator from a bicycle

1 – the bicycle wheel, 2 – the wheel mounting elements, 3 – the handle, 4 – the bolt for adjustment, 5 – the crossbar, 6 – the lock nut, 7 – the welded nut,

Pasteurized honey

Pasteurized honey refers to light honey with good taste qualities. Bees make it from the nectar of large yellow flowers of a two-year-old parsnip plant growing wild in the Volga region.

Spring audit and cleaning of families

All work is a spring audit and cleaning of families. The sequence of its conduct may be different. First, we determine the state of the families. Calm and confident circumnavigation of a strong family, a