Family of bees in spring

Honey bees are a living particle of nature. They are with her in a close and subtle relationship. Their life and behavior entirely depend on the conditions that develop in nature and, first of all,

Bee wolf

Take, for example, a bee-wolf. In fact, this is not a wolf at all, but a burrowing single wasp (philanthropist), which has received such a name for its predatory propensities. Digging wasps are close to

The value of fodder stocks in the nest of bees

Bees always collect nectar, if there are blooming melliferous plants that release nectar, and if the weather does not interfere with their flights (rain, strong wind, low temperature). However, in the spring, the arrival of

Storage of forage stocks of bees

Prepared for bees, peregu, pollen or pollen, it is important to be able to save, so that this perishable product may have lost its fodder quality. To do this, it is necessary that the storage

Gurian pilaf with honey

You love sweets. We recommend to cook gurian pilaf. Cook the rice until half cooked, place in a saucepan on a fresh cake, pour oil, bring to full softness and serve with gravy: honey to

Acacia honey

Acacia (white-acacia) honey is one of the best varieties. In the liquid form it is transparent, crystallization (sugariness) becomes white, fine-grained, resembling snow. Acacia honey contains 35.98% of glucose and 40.35% of levulose (fructose) –

Rotary mechanism of solar wax-furnace

Tip 1 It is known that the efficiency of the solar wax-up depends on the degree of illumination and the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays. To do this, it is made beveled to

Selection and pumping of honey

In case of inadequate provision of bee colonies with honeycombs, the honey is pumped out as the frames are filled with honey and the zabrus (honey prints) appears in the upper part of the frames.

Beer honey swindle

Beer contains water, alcohol, extractives, acids and carbon dioxide. The contents of the extract (maltose, glucose, dextrins, pectin, nitrogenous and other substances) – from 4 to 10%, alcohol – from 2.8 to 6%. Prepare beer

Stone honey

Stone honey is rare and unique. Collect his wild bees, laying in the clefts of stone cliffs. This honey is pale yellow, with a pleasant aroma and taste. Cells with honey contain little wax and

Two-family beehives

With the two-semen content of the bees, the 12-frame Dadan-Blatt hive is divided into a thin partition into two compartments, which contain two families of bees on six frames throughout the year. Care for them


The dragonfly (Aeschna grandis) is a large insect with a length of 50 mm and a wingspan of 70 mm. Wings are large, transparent, yellowish, the head is large, with strong jaws. The breast is

Method of excretion of fistula

One of the most difficult tasks facing a novice beekeeper – an amateur – is the timely replacement of queens and reproduction of families. Adopted on most amateur apiaries, a bee care system using swarming

Methods of increasing the amount of wax from bee colonies

In the system of measures to increase the waxy products of the apiary, timely nest change is very important. This method is widely used by many beekeepers. However, the timely replacement of nests, being the

Double-casing content of bees

Along with the hives-lounges, two-hull beehives are now widely distributed. Methods and methods of keeping bees in such hives are usually called bicomponent contents. With a bicomponent content of bee colonies, significantly more bees grow