Care of bees by phone

On the screen of home TV an apiary. If there is a trouble in some hive, it will flash. Then call this hive and see what happened there. Beekeepers have installed computers in beehives and

Hibernate under the snow

Its bees I keep in standard twelve-frame hives. I do not go to the nomad. Annually from each family I get 70-80 kg of marketable honey. For wintering I leave about 30 kg. Bee bees.

Conditioner for the hive

Beehive: a – side view, b – top view. 1 – housing; 2 – ceiling; 3 – roof; 4 – frames; 5 – leaflet; c – barred holes; 7 – exhaust openings; 8 – vertical

Honey storage

High nutritional and medicinal properties of honey are well preserved for decades in certain conditions. Honey is very hygroscopic, so when stored in a moist place absorbs moisture and sour. Open dishes with honey should

Hook for the queen bee

The cell, used by beekeepers for uterine growth, is not without flaws. I designed my universal uterine cell. It is simple in structure and consists of a body, lid, feeder (fixed tightly), hook and flaps.

The composition and calorific value of honey

Observations showed that athletes who consume a lot of sugar are significantly more enduring. However, sugar (beet, cane) and glucose are absorbed by our body in different ways. While glucose without any transformations comes from

Chemical toxicosis of bees

Chemical toxicosis is an infectious disease caused by the poisoning of bees by poison-insecticides used to control insects harmful to agriculture and forestry. Causes of the disease. Chemical poisons, applied against harmful insects (insecticides), are

Preparation of honey mousse

Take four yolks, rub with one glass of honey. Add honey gradually. All this is cooked on low heat until thick, with continuous stirring, then cool, mix with whipped in a thick foam with proteins

Early honey-plants

In early spring, a lot of nectar is given by willow. Descended the spring waters. Still hollowed around, and in shallow, damp places the willow bushes became golden. Summer inconspicuous, now they stand out among

Bees of the genus

You could talk about all this for a long time. But it is better to turn to those forms in which you can find the beginnings of a social way of life. Some species of