Lime Queen of the Honey-Bears

Of all the melliferous plants that grow in our country, there is no equal lime. From a hectare of lime forest, you can collect a ton of honey. One century old, a century-old tree, growing

Honey creamy-egg cream with gelatin

Prepare a solution, gelatin with cream; 3 eggs with sugar grinded, warmed in a water bath in a saucepan with a mixture, during the warming up the mixture to knock. Then put the pan in

How to get the bastard

In many countries of the world, lovers have long crossed an artificially-raised room canary with a chicha, a canary finch, a bullfinch, a cannabis. Original hybrids (bastards) painted with pleasant voice – cause considerable interest

Reproduction of bee colonies and the withdrawal of queens

Equipment: boxes for transferring frames, uterine cells, hives of various systems, caps for isolation of queens, hacksaw, plane, hammers, mites, pillows, insert boards. Materials: thin plywood, wooden bars, small nails, canvases. Drawing up a calendar

Devices and tools for printing out honeycombs

Fig. Steam knife for printing out honeycombs. Ordinary double-edged knives with a long thin blade and a curved handle fully meet their purpose. To heat the knives during work, the baths or samovar are used.

How to build a toilet

The first building that appears on the estate is a toilet. Therefore, its location is better to provide for in the project site development. To not in a conspicuous place, but somewhere beyond the crib,

Snakehead Honey

Snakehead honey is collected from the blue-violet flowers of the one-year-old essential oil plant of the snakehead, or the queen cell, which grows wildly in the Caucasus, Altai, Ukraine, etc. This honey is light, transparent,

Tibetan massage with honey

The technique of this massage originated in Ancient Tibet. This massage is based on the interaction of the skin with the biologically active substances of honey. After carrying out such massage the skin is more

Paralysis of bees

Paralysis is an infectious disease of bee colonies, which causes the mass death of adult bees. The causative agent is a filtering virus that penetrates the filters of Seitz, Berkenfeld and Pasteur-Schamberlan. The persistence of

Tomato juice with honey

For the latest data, tomato juice reduces arterial and intraocular pressure, so it is recommended for hypertension and glaucoma. High content of iron, the presence of folic acid, some trace elements makes it possible to

Italian bees

All over the world, Italian bees are known. Their homeland is Italy. In some places they are bred in our country – in the south of Ukraine and in Moldavia. They are yellow in color,

Dressing hides

Of course, at home it is difficult to have excellent results when dressing heavy (7-20 kg) skins taken from a cow or a bull, an elk or a wild boar. Therefore, we will confine ourselves

Wax processing

But it is not enough just to collect wax raw materials. It is necessary to process it even in time for wax. Normally rejected old dry land is re-heated 2-3 times per season. But the

Fighting the attack of bees

Since the exhibition of bees from the winter hut and throughout the beekeeping season, it is necessary to make apiary work so as not to cause the theft of bees and especially to prevent the

For bonding shields

To make the wall of the hive body 450 mm high, you need to glue several boards into one shield. This operation I carry out with the help of the clamp I designed. It consists