Stage assembly of the framework “Boa constrictor&quot

Stage assembly of the framework Boa constrictor"

Buying ready frames is quite expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to assemble the Boa constrictor yourself. On average, this frame costs from 50 rubles. But why buy them, if you can make a lot of beekeeping equipment with your own hands? For example, nesting and feeding frames, feeders, hives.

Very good, when beekeepers are engaged in people who know how to work with wood. However, those who do not have such abilities, sooner or later come to the fact that it is necessary to make most parts of the hive itself.

For one hive, 24 nest frames are needed. In addition, once a goal needs to be changed about 6 old honeycombs, and this is another 6 frames. In addition, the frame is one of the items that you can easily do yourself. They can be made from bars, having drunk them with a circular saw. The presence of such an instrument is desirable for everyone who wants to practice apiary.

The standard width of the frame is 2.5 cm. Therefore, for the production of such frames, a thickness of 2.5 cm is used. Such frames are produced without permanent dividers. They are not needed if you do not plan to often translate the apiary from place to place.

Wood for frames can be taken any, but the best is cedar, fir and pine. The most important thing is that such wood is dry and has neither a bitch nor rot.

The upper beam should be 2.5 cm high, 2 cm wide and 47.5 cm long. The side bars should have a height of 1 cm, a width of 2.5 cm and a length of 29 cm. The bottom beam should be 1 cm high, 41.7 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.

Such a frame can be sawed manually using a saw or a jigsaw. But the best course, of course, is to use a circular saw.

The blanks are sawn from a long board, the thickness of which is 2.5 cm. Be sure to observe the size.

When making frames, do not forget that for each frame you need two side brusochka.

Thus, you get semi-finished products, from which the frames will be manufactured further. Next, you should make hangers on the upper bar. It is for them that the frame will be hung in the hive.

Then do the shoulders on the upper bar. They are done with the help of a mill. But, if you have a few frames, then you can make the hangers manually. To do this, from each end of the upper beam retreat 3 cm and make a propyl. Next, you have to chop off a fragment that is not needed, and you will get a blank for the upper block.

After this, you need to put together frames with carnations, the thickness of which is 2 mm and the length is 3-4 cm.

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Stage assembly of the framework “Boa constrictor&quot