Italian bees

Italian bees

All over the world, Italian bees are known. Their homeland is Italy. In some places they are bred in our country – in the south of Ukraine and in Moldavia. They are yellow in color, as if they were poured from gold. The bees have beautiful yellow stripes on their abdomen.

The uterus has the highest fertility. Families grow powerful. Italians are not only prolific, but also work. However, with a poor nectariferous flora, honey is not stored, but is used for food. Relatively difficult to endure long winters. By nature they are peaceful.

As we see, honey bees are not the same. Not only in appearance, but also in the degree of excitability, the ability to extract nectar, winter hardiness. Undoubtedly, it is easier to work with bees at peace, quiet. There is nothing to be afraid of. Apparently, therefore peace-loving breeds – Italian, Krajin, gray mountain Caucasian – are now so widespread. However,

no one has yet proved that the meek gather more honey than the irritable. Reducing the malice of Central Russian bees, according to scientists, leads, on the contrary, to the deterioration of their valuable natural qualities: they are weakened by the instinct of protecting the nest, bees are becoming less adventurous in finding food, they are doing their homework worse.

For beginner beekeepers, angry bees are even useful. It’s easier to learn beekeeping with them. They are like strict teachers. Mistaken – immediately punished, but rightly done – not touched seems to be praised. Your mistakes and misses will try not to repeat. And you will not know with the humble ones whether you acted correctly or incorrectly.

What kind of bees plant? Better – local, well adapted to its climate and vegetation. It is not by chance that one of the commandments of beekeepers says: “Believe in a bee of local breed.” To better know the winged friends who inhabit our Earth, it is good to have bees of different breeds on the school apiary. It is very useful to get to know and establish a connection with the public apiary, where there may be bees that are distinguished by increased productivity.

Виды прополиса.
Italian bees