How to get the bastard

How to get the bastard

In many countries of the world, lovers have long crossed an artificially-raised room canary with a chicha, a canary finch, a bullfinch, a cannabis. Original hybrids (bastards) painted with pleasant voice – cause considerable interest of fans.

Often an obstacle to mating birds is their different behavior, movements, postures, coloring, sounds. A partner can be despicable if his color is unusual. So, a dandy in nine cases out of ten responds to a canary-yellow canary’s yellow color and easily mates with a green, red, pockmarked.

To effectively cross canaries with a wild male (usually a charcoal), two conditions must be adhered to.

First, to train the partners of the future couple one to one, for which it is better to take young ones who have not yet nested. From the autumn of such individuals can be planted in a spacious cage, and in the room there should be no other birds.

Secondly, from the first day to create excellent conditions for birds, since only healthy individuals are able to nest in a cage. In order to develop the need for reproduction in the spring, they should receive in winter, in addition to canary food, what the dandy feeds on the will. To the diet of the slag should be introduced seeds of thistle, thistle, sunflower, hemp, flax, alder, apples, pears; spring – foliage of dandelion, eggs of midges, grated carrots, meat, vitamins, sprouted seeds and oat greens, salt. The canary is given chicken eggs with breadcrumbs, overpowering the food in a darkened cool place.

The goldfinch becomes capable of reproduction no earlier than May-June, so the canary should be restrained from laying by this time. A garden with a gallery for birds at plus temperature is better placed on the street, under the sun, but not in a hot place. Do not forget to take measures so that the garden does not have access to sparrows.

To translate birds into the nest

garden from the gallery is better in May. The size of the garden with three compartments for the three females should be at least 90-105 cm. In each compartment where the canaries will be located, the rope base-cup should be fixed in a convenient fork of branches.

Goldfinch and siskin, as a rule, take part in building a nest, but for this in the garden there must be plenty of natural material: moss, plant stems, grass, roots, hair, wool, finely chopped gauze.

Young animals hatch on the thirteenth day, and both parents feed it, but for this it is necessary to have plenty of tasty food: half-ripe seeds of dandelion with greens, cannabis seeds for canaries, egg yolks with breadcrumbs, green salad. Hybrid young animals are in the nest for 15-16 days. You can not touch them with your hands, especially after 10-11 days, as they are immediately thrown out of the nest and can be cured.

To gain experience, it is advisable for a beginner to cross canaries with chih, and then with a chip.

Cage-cage for bastards

How to get the bastard

Bastards are hybrids of domestic canary and shchegl, chizha, finch, hemp and other birds of the family of finch. They have their own peculiarities of retention, in particular, the manufacture of a cage-cells. Make it from four compartments: three boxes for canaries (females), separated by solid partitions, so that the females do not see one alone. During the boxes, a cell-gallery is attached to the slit (male), which freely flies through the gallery during boxes with females and chooses one of them.

Then a little open the door, which was raised in the box with this female and let the dandy go in. After mating, the male is removed from the canary cell, and she starts to nest the nest. Then run it to another female, which reveals a willingness to mate, and so on.

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How to get the bastard