Wine-growing plant for precious rubbish Wine-growing plant for precious rubbish July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

What is planned to receive from the felling areas are trees aged from one hundred to one hundred and twenty years with a size of “waist” of a third of a meter or more. Transported business wood – at least 400 million cubic meters – with whips, that is, without branches and branches. At the […]

Wheeled cultivator from a bicycle Wheeled cultivator from a bicycle July 8, 2018 best-kapitan

1 – the bicycle wheel, 2 – the wheel mounting elements, 3 – the handle, 4 – the bolt for adjustment, 5 – the crossbar, 6 – the lock nut, 7 – the welded nut, 8 – the pipe that supports the seat, 9 – the seat resistance, 10 – the welded nut, 11 – […]

How to get the bastard How to get the bastard July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

In many countries of the world, lovers have long crossed an artificially-raised room canary with a chicha, a canary finch, a bullfinch, a cannabis. Original hybrids (bastards) painted with pleasant voice – cause considerable interest of fans. Often an obstacle to mating birds is their different behavior, movements, postures, coloring, sounds. A partner can be […]

How to build a toilet How to build a toilet July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

The first building that appears on the estate is a toilet. Therefore, its location is better to provide for in the project site development. To not in a conspicuous place, but somewhere beyond the crib, in the backyard, away from the human eye. This has already formed a peasant tradition. The toilet is composed of […]

Dressing hides Dressing hides July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

Of course, at home it is difficult to have excellent results when dressing heavy (7-20 kg) skins taken from a cow or a bull, an elk or a wild boar. Therefore, we will confine ourselves to advice on the production of small (up to 2 kg) and medium (up to 6 kg) skins. Immediately warn […]

Sawing plywood Sawing plywood July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

When sawing plywood, its surface cleaves. To the edges were smooth, you need to moisten the sheet on the line of sawing with hot water. Over time, tables with removable legs loosen. It does not help either pulling up the nuts, “burrs”, or even re-gluing. To remove this drawback, you need at the end of […]

Root storage Root storage July 6, 2018 best-kapitan

The room for storage of root crops should be dry. In a wet cellar for a long time you will not save any potatoes, carrots or beetroot, a day or two later you will have to throw out rot. In the equipped storage facility, the pledged product must be protected not only from groundwater and […]

Drying cabinets for berries and fruits Drying cabinets for berries and fruits July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

Fruits, berries, mushrooms can be dried in drying cabinets. Dried plums, apricots, and pears are delicious and mouth-watering in appearance. Drying cabinets should be placed in an unsealed area. The cabinet is made of sheet metal. The frame is made of rails or metal corners. From the outside, the cabinet is painted with black paint. […]

A peculiar winter hut A peculiar winter hut July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

The scheme of the greenhouse: a – partially composed; b – mounted completely. There are many options for building greenhouses. This is a kind of construction of multifunctional purpose with a spatial casing of plastic pipes and awning or film coating. The frame is made from polyvinylchloride pipes in the form of arches 7, which […]

Shelf in the cellar Shelf in the cellar July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

As a rule, in the cellars and cellars the shelves are made of boards. Therefore, sometimes you hear: “I did not finish, the rotten shelf, and all cans with canning” went “to the ground …” I propose to make shelves of reinforced concrete. This is not difficult at all. First of all, you need to […]

Glue Bustilate Glue Bustilate July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

Bustilat enjoys the public deserved popularity. Or gluing a tile, or linoleum, or wallpaper – everywhere it is necessary. Probably, that’s why it’s hard to get it. What to do when there is no bustle, and you need to glue? It turns out that a universal adhesive can be obtained at home. It is necessary […]

How to make a tub How to make a tub July 4, 2018 best-kapitan

In the pictures: 1 – The tub, the general view; 2 – ratio of the diameter of the tub and its height; 3 – Template; 4 – Marking riveting; 5 – Fragment of riveting with cut out chipping (deepening) and bevelled chamfer on the bottom. In the household, tubs are in great demand. They have […]

Accelerated way of growing seedlings Accelerated way of growing seedlings July 3, 2018 best-kapitan

Fatima did not have enough pegs for a garter of tomato seedlings. What to do? Then the woman paid attention to the pipes her husband had laid over the beds in the fall. “I’ll fasten the seedlings to the pipe,” thought the peasant woman. And in order not to tie up with the growth of […]

How to harden metal How to harden metal July 3, 2018 best-kapitan

A knowledgeable person does not believe that surface hardening or carburizing of fairly large parts can be done “just like that” – in any rural workshop without special equipment, high frequency currents, bulky heating furnaces. Moscow inventors took two graphite electrodes, installed them in the holder and connected to a power source. Between the electrodes […]

How to draw a horizontal line without the level How to draw a horizontal line without the level July 3, 2018 best-kapitan

There are many cases in life when it is necessary to determine the horizontal position. Typically, this is done with a level gauge (level). If it does not, you can use two glass tubes connected by a hose. He poured water, the level of which should be visible in the tubes. This device is even […]

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