How to harden metal

How to harden metal

A knowledgeable person does not believe that surface hardening or carburizing of fairly large parts can be done “just like that” – in any rural workshop without special equipment, high frequency currents, bulky heating furnaces.

Moscow inventors took two graphite electrodes, installed them in the holder and connected to a power source. Between the electrodes an electric arc was lit. It not only heated the surrounding space to four and a half thousand degrees, but – because the carbon electrodes – saturate the air layer with carbon. So, in fact, the saturation of the surface of the heated metal with carbon is cementation! .. The procedure was subjected to an ordinary shovel shovel. It was heated to 900 њ C, cooled in air to room temperature, cut out the sample and – under a microscope.

The cutting edge of the shovel was cemented to a depth of a few tenths of a millimeter.

It was done in a few seconds instead of several hours with the usual technology. Such a shovel, once sharpened, will not have to be rewound for a long time. Similarly, it is possible to process the working surfaces of plows, harrow tines, cultivator discs. Installing coal burners over the conveyor, you will adapt the process to mass production and will process a wide variety of engineering components.

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How to harden metal