Drying for fruit

Fig. 1. Traditional drying. Section, plan: 1 – pit; 2 – the furnace; 3 – frame; 4-lead; 5 – grating of hazel rods. Since ancient times in Ukraine, the basis of food production was the

Home barometer

It will rain tomorrow or not – a question for a gardener or gardener is not idle. Know this is necessary in order not to water in vain. Extra water plants do not need anything.

Devices for the removal of fruits and berries

Fruits from high crowns are removed with the help of industrial harvesters. However, the industry so far can not meet the demand of amateur gardeners. Therefore, a well-known variety of self-made structures. For example, at

Flashlight for work in the dark

Electricians often have to work in poor visibility. It’s good, if there is a partner nearby, which will light up the workplace, and the instrument will give. If there is no such partner nearby, the

Mobile platform without wheels

Fig. 1. Platform frame with composed racks (top view). They transport apiaries to the massifs of honey plants for the fullest use of the spring supported and the main bribe, the growth of bee colonies

Wooden floor for a barn

Waste logging is still used badly. High-quality products made from forgings, leftovers of crowns, etc., are obtained in the form of a figured end-face parquet. This is not news, we would like to share with


Downtime and a cheap sterilizer will greatly facilitate home canning. Having read in the note “Canned in a human way”, I hasten to please our hostesses – we will be greatly facilitated by the home

Economical Heater

The heater, which offers, will help to warm up with small material costs and without effort to prepare firewood. It can be manufactured by taking as a basis a three-fluid kerosene (for example, K3-0-01). The

Folding stepladder

The advantages of this ladders are particularly evident in the small room of the garden house, where the capitally constructed steps leading to the attic or attic occupy a considerable area. Our stepladder, in its

Fish soup in marching conditions

Probably, every fisherman would like to be able to cook smoked fish himself. Especially in marching conditions, when caught fish should be urgently processed. For this purpose, a simple small smokehouse was made. In Fig.