Marking a pipe with a hole from a triangle

With a simple device, it is possible to cut the pipe accurately at any angle to its longitudinal axis. The pipeline approached the place where the trench turned to the side. The pipe is steel.

Smokehouse in the apartment

Fig. 1.1 – a tube with a thread; 2 – threaded fitting; 3 – thread for the plug; 4 – thread for fixing in the lid; 5 – cap; 6 – cover of the gusjatnitsy.

Chopping straw

Once my father in the winter provided cut straw of two horses and two cows, he would cut her, pour boiling water, pour bran, mix and eat cattle perfectly. In the picture, a portable straw

The wind tore off the slate sheet

Fig. 1 wrong It often happens that during the construction of a house you will not pay attention to some minor, at first glance, flaws, you will not eliminate it in a timely manner, and

Barn, cellar and glacier

1 – drainage pipe, 2 – slag, 3 – brushwood, 4 – ice, 5 – earth, 6 – straw Procuring ice during the frost in any quantity is not particularly difficult. Ice (river, etc.) must

Mechanical braid

We are talking about a mechanical braid. To produce it, some serial products needed from the bicycle – a D-6 engine with a capacity of one horsepower, a rudder, a chain drive, in addition, a

A solution for dressing skins

Rabbit For 3 liters of water a tablespoon of salt and detergent. For 3 liters of warm water on a tablespoon of salt, washing powder, a glass of vinegar. In both cases, soak the skins

How to remove the skin from a rabbit

Meat of rabbits is very valuable. It is more, tender, lean and easily digestible, light pink in color. It tastes like turkey meat. The content of proteins is dominated by lamb, pork, beef. In rabbit

Smokehouse for draining

The smokehouse was made of a metal box with a wall thickness of 2 mm. The upper part is open, and so that boxes with plums do not slide out, wooden slats 5 cm wide

How to arrange a shower and toilet on site

But – helio shower and toilet. The plan of a separate insulated booth; b – appearance of the frame with engineering equipment; c – a garden house with a toilet-room attached to the veranda; d