Accelerated way of growing seedlings

Accelerated way of growing seedlings

Fatima did not have enough pegs for a garter of tomato seedlings. What to do? Then the woman paid attention to the pipes her husband had laid over the beds in the fall.

“I’ll fasten the seedlings to the pipe,” thought the peasant woman. And in order not to tie up with the growth of plants, she threw the cord through a pipe and tied a brick to the loose end-let it pull the bush behind the crown.

A week later, I called my husband into the greenhouse and showed a miracle: suspended and strained plants were halved in growth and power by those that were tied to pegs. The engineer and the agrarian from God, a well-deserved inventor, immediately realized what was the matter, and set the experiment extensively. For several years he experienced the discovery of his wife in garden crops and flowers, fruit trees and vines…

Particularly effective was the cultivation in this way of some varieties

of grapes: for a year the vines are stretched for four to five meters and in the second year they give fruits – huge tight clusters. Usually such results are achieved in four years.

An application is prepared for the family opening, as reported.

In the picture: they show a vine grown in a “family” way. She went to the second year!

Shelter of plants for the winter

Accelerated way of growing seedlings

Snow-white winters, which have become frequent in recent times, cause a lot of hassle to the gardeners. And he solved the task of hiding plants with genuinely engineering grace. He justly criticizes the known methods of bending plants, since the bending radius is very large, which complicates the entire operation in the garden. Any trimming of the root system to facilitate the inclination of the trunk is not useful for the plant. Alexander offers the following method of preparing raspberries, shredded roses, apple trees and other heat-loving crops. The plant at a young age is formed with a horizontal segment of the trunk-stem. This segment is used as a “torsion” for turning-bending, for example, laying on the ground to cover parts of the plant.

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Accelerated way of growing seedlings