A birdhouse in the garden

Scientists estimated that a large titmole per day flies to the nest with food for chicks more than 350 times, and a gray flycatcher and some other small insectivorous birds – over 400. For 14-16

Fighting animal parasites

Seize my dog ​​and the flea seal. And I’m glad to help poor animals, and I do not know how to deal with parasites. Let’s start with fleas. These are wingless insects, temporary ectoparasites (external)

Sewer Oval Hatch

I worked as a chief engineer of heating networks, so I know firsthand how many troubles standard pig-iron hatches of inspection wells are carried by underground engineering communications. One of the options for improving the

Wood chips for sawing firewood

Conventional goats for sawing firewood. “You take two slats and cross it in a cross.” That’s all the wisdom! ” Wisdom, maybe all. And yet I would like to know how to make simple reliable

How to make an effective juicer for processing apples

Is it possible to achieve an output of 65-70 percent of apple juice from the processed mass? Can. Only we need to count not on the strength of the press created in the juicer with

Bath in the panel house

He steamed, threw back the shelves and plunged into the cool water, pre-poured into the bath. Desperate lovers of the Russian bath Muscovites have equipped her with the bathroom of an ordinary apartment. The walls

Simple well pump

1 – racks; 2 – cuffs; 3 – wheel: 4 – chain; 6 – frame; 7 – pipe; 8 – the drive handle. I am sending a draft and a description of the simplest and

Breeding muskrats on the plot

Experience shows that the productive period in muskrat does not exceed two years, after which the fertility of females is reduced. I use muskrat for brood for at least three years, which makes it possible

Home concrete mixer

It’s really cool. Himself personally used a similar device in the garden plot of a friend. For each batch of concrete (six buckets) took no more than a minute. And without calluses on his hands.

Folding door

1. General view of the folding door. In small premises (kitchen, bath, toilet, corridor) the door took quite a lot of space. One of the French firms has developed the design of the door, which,