Glue Bustilate

Bustilat enjoys the public deserved popularity. Or gluing a tile, or linoleum, or wallpaper – everywhere it is necessary. Probably, that’s why it’s hard to get it. What to do when there is no bustle,

How to make a tub

In the pictures: 1 – The tub, the general view; 2 – ratio of the diameter of the tub and its height; 3 – Template; 4 – Marking riveting; 5 – Fragment of riveting with

Accelerated way of growing seedlings

Fatima did not have enough pegs for a garter of tomato seedlings. What to do? Then the woman paid attention to the pipes her husband had laid over the beds in the fall. “I’ll fasten

How to harden metal

A knowledgeable person does not believe that surface hardening or carburizing of fairly large parts can be done “just like that” – in any rural workshop without special equipment, high frequency currents, bulky heating furnaces.

How to draw a horizontal line without the level

There are many cases in life when it is necessary to determine the horizontal position. Typically, this is done with a level gauge (level). If it does not, you can use two glass tubes connected

The second life of a fluorescent lamp

1 – burnt end of the lamp; 2 – lamp LDC-40 W; 3 – resistance R, 470 K; 4-capacitor C1 3.8 μf x 400 V; 5- starter SK 220 (15-80); 6 – throttle 1 хве

Sopka for controlling weeds in the apiary

This hoe will be useful, to everyone who has a household plot. It has a simple design and a rather awkward manufacturing technology. The hood consists of brackets 1, at one end of which there

Flesh skins at home

First of all, it is advisable to note that the skins must be salted before drying. Dressing includes the following operations: Preparation of raw materials, creasing, degreasing, souring, tanning, fattening and drying. Preparation of raw

Plug for pump

In the Polytechnic Dictionary there are only two lines about the stub: “a part sealing the internal cavity of the structure”. Without further ado, they solve the problem of stubs and machine builders: press in

Infinite spring

It’s hard to believe that on a lathe you can apply a spring with a train length. After all, the length of the spring for this method of manufacture is limited by the length of