Ginseng Honey

Ginseng Honey

Chinese medicine has for a long time considered the root of ginseng as a valuable medicine and calls it “a miracle of the world, a gift of immortality.”

Ginseng belongs to the Araliev family. In appearance, it looks like the root of parsley. By its qualities, it is significantly different from all known plants on the globe. Ginseng in Chinese is the root man, the root of life; shenbao is divine grass.

The root of ginseng grows for 100-200-300 years or more in the gorge on soil containing radioactive substances. The study of the chemical and therapeutic properties of ginseng, conducted in our country, showed that ginseng has many different therapeutic properties.

For thousands of years, the peoples of the East and Asia have used and now use ginseng as a valuable healing remedy.

A decoction of ginseng is a wonderful firming drink.

Prepare this drink by boiling a finely chopped ginseng root in water. This broth is useful against any disease and even serves as a disease-protective agent. In Tibet with nervous diseases it is recommended to use ginseng with honey. It is possible for the taste and aroma to add to food this miracle plant ginseng. The root of ginseng gives the meat a special, pleasant taste.

IV Michurin also quotes excerpts from the reports of the doctor of medicine F. P. Smith, who described in detail the medicinal properties of ginseng: “This remedy is prepared from broth in a silver vessel, and its healing power is indisputably manifested, as a strengthening, excitatory, soothing is attributed to this remedy with a few exceptions in almost every disease a great benevolent and safe action.

With every kind of weakness, spermatorrhea, hemorrhoids, constant nausea in pregnancy, with fever, especially with a fever epidemic, in these cases, the Chinese resort and use the lower analysis of ginseng and use it in very small doses and, despite this, with reasonable and in these cases, ginseng shows its medical property. “

The author decided to get the ginseng honey by the express method, which should act more efficiently on the human body, than separately honey and ginseng. In addition, tincture of ginseng has an unpleasant bitter taste, and with the addition of honey, this deficiency disappears.

Obtained ginseng honey immediately after the processing of ginseng artificial nectar and deposition of it by bees-workers in the honeycomb cell began to crystallize. In fact, it depends on glucose, which serves as a sweet substance instead of regular sugar.

Having a pleasant taste and a gentle (weak) aroma, such honey is a valuable product. Since ginseng honey is not sticky, it can be stored in a paper container.

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Ginseng Honey