Recipes against cough and honey

Recipes against cough and honey

Keep honey in a clean container and away from products with a strong odor, it easily absorbs the smells of the environment.

Recipe 1

Finely chop and cook ten onions and one head of garlic in pasteurized milk until soft. Then add a little juice of mint and honey. Dose: one tablespoon per hour for the whole day.

Recipe 2

Two tablespoons of butter, two yolks of fresh eggs, one teaspoon of wheat flour and two teaspoons of honey. Eat one teaspoon 4-6 times a day.

Recipe 3

500 g of peeled onions, chopped, add 400 g of sugar and cook on low heat in a liter of water for three hours. Then let cool, add 50 g of honey, pour into a bottle and cork. Take 4-6 tablespoons a day after meals.

Recipe 4

Boil one lemon in the water over low heat for 10 minutes, cut it and squeeze the juice into a glass (you can use apple vinegar – about 100 g instead of lemon). To the lemon juice add two tablespoons of glycerin, stir and to the brim fill the glass with honey.

With a strong and frequent cough, take two teaspoons of the mixture 3 times a day before meals, as well as overnight. If cough is strong, but rare and dry, take a teaspoon before and after breakfast, lunch and dinner and be sure before going to bed.

Recipe 5

In the upper wide part of the washed radish cut the hole, pour two tablespoons of honey, Radish put in a vessel in a vertical position, cover with thick paper and insist for three to four hours. Dose: one teaspoon 3-4 times daily before meals and before bedtime.

Recipe 6

Radish juice mixed with honey, facilitates the state of patients with bronchitis, promotes expectoration.

Carrot juice with honey (1: 1) take one to two tablespoons 2-3 times a day.

Recipe 7

With bronchitis, the following prescription is effective: aloe juice – 75 g. Pork or goose fat – 100 g, butter (unsalted) –

100 g, honey-100 g can add cocoa – 50 g. Take one tablespoon 2 times a day.

Recipe 8

But antimicrobial agents are much more effective. You can, for example, boil the crushed eucalyptus leaves with boiling water, roll the funnel from the thick paper, cover the pan (cup) with infusion with a wide end, and inhale steam (10-15 minutes) through a narrow gleam.

Recipe 9

Wipe the chest with a dry cloth cloth, then rub it to dry internal lard or melted butter (if there is, then add pine oil).

Recipe 10

Take an incomplete tablespoon of sugar and hold on the fire until it turns dark brown. Then pour it into a saucer with milk. The resulting candy should be kept in the mouth until it is completely absorbed by dry cough.

Recipe 11

Alcohol tincture from a green nut is used for pain in the stomach, intestines. 30 pieces of finely chopped fruits are poured with a liter of alcohol or vodka, cork, stand for two weeks in the sun and, after filtering, drink 15 g before meals three times a day.

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Recipes against cough and honey