Pollen in folk medicine

Pollen in folk medicine

Two famous scientists informed the French Academy that clinical observations showed a positive therapeutic effect from the use of flower pollen in the treatment of sick children with anemia (anemia); due to the pollen, the content of red blood cells and hemoglobin rapidly increased and led to recovery. In patients with chronic colitis (inflammation of the large intestine), a good effect was obtained from the treatment with pollen.

Flower pollen also has an important dietary value. Not only highly active therapeutic and prophylactic preparations are prepared from it, but also vitamin and dietary foods. It is known that the Indians of pre-Columbian America used pollen for food (cooked tasty pies stuffed with pollen). To provide the medical, food, vitamin and cosmetic industry with pollen, you need to find the means to collect it in sufficient quantities.

Plants produce a lot of pollen: the apple tree contains about 100 thousand pollen grains, the hare earring – 1.2 million, the peony flower – 3.6 million, the hazel head – 4 million, the earring of the birch – 6 million, the corn sultan – 50 million pollen grains. The panicle of maize emits about 20 million pollen grains, and for pollination, they need 800 cobs, a maximum of 1000 grains. Hence, the pollen in nature is millions of times larger than that required by plants for pollination.

Annually in our forests, fields, meadows and gardens hundreds of thousands of tons of the product, which has high nutritional medicinal properties, are lost. Especially a lot of flower pollen give oaks, elms and other trees. In the pine forest in the summer the air is full of pollen.

A large amount of pollen falls to the ground and remains there. A huge amount of it rises in air currents up to a height of 2500 m and is transported horizontally to a distance of up to 4,500 m.

Scientists expressed the opinion that honey has geometric (rejuvenating) properties due to the content of flower pollen. Sluggish skin cells of the face with skin diseases, as well as in the stage of senile aging, need flower pollen, which acts as a biogenic stimulant. It is based on this in many countries, it has become widely used in medical cosmetics. World-famous French cosmetics firms produce beautiful creams based on flower pollen.

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Pollen in folk medicine