If you were bitten by a bee

If you were bitten by a bee

To neutralize the poison of bees when stinging various means are suggested. Many of them are ineffective, and some (wet earth, clay, etc.) are even harmful, since they can cause tetanus or blood infection. The longer the sting is in the skin, the more bee venom enters the latter.

The distressed bee instinctively tends to fly away, the notches of its stings are firmly held in the skin, so that the stinging apparatus remains in it. Torn off, it contains poison glands, a poisonous vial and the last ganglion of the abdominal neural chain (nerve node), through which the stinging apparatus automatically shrinks outside the body of the bee.

Due to the automatic muscle contraction of the stinger, artificially extracted from the bee and laid on the human skin, it sticks into it and shrinks until all the poison in the poisonous vesicle is released. Therefore, in order to get less poison into the skin, you should quickly remove the sting, while strictly observing the basic rules of hygiene (cleanliness of hands, objects that are used), so as not to infect the skin wound infection.

When stinging, the bee has to be removed with a special tweezers (suggested by the author), the sting of the bee along with its poisonous glands, a poisonous vial (reservoir of poison), and lubricate the place of sting with a special ointment, 1 which includes calendula, rectified alcohol and petrolatum (or lanolin). Special tweezers can quickly and accurately pull the stinger out of the skin, keeping in the stinging apparatus almost the entire stock of poison.

Calendula in combination with an alcohol-rectificate quickly relieves the victim of pain and unpleasant burning sensation. Tweezers are worn in a portable box. It also contains: ointment, cotton wool, a glass spatula, an instruction on how to use this tool, and a mirror. The latter is necessary in cases when the victim needs to pull a stinger out of the skin of the face, neck, etc. and he is deprived of the opportunity to resort to outside help.

When poisoning with bee venom should be every 3-4 hours take a glass of honey-vitamin-alcohol mixture (50 g of honey, 200 g of vodka, 1 g of ascorbic acid and 1 liter of boiled water). Honey for any poisoning has a beneficial stimulating effect on the heart and liver.

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If you were bitten by a bee