Potato juice with honey

Potato juice with honey

Very useful in diabetes, peptic ulcer, hypertension, kidney and liver diseases. But the main thing – with its help you can treat cancer. This is due to the fact that potato juice contains many tonic substances that are detrimental to the cancer cells that are nascent.

The juice of raw potatoes is useful for removing stains on the skin. This is due to the high content of potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, and chlorine in it.

Potato juice cleans the body well and is especially useful in a mixture with carrot juice. This mixture with the addition of celery juice is good for digestive disorders, goiter.

With gastritis, dyspepsia, heartburn, the formation of gases in the stomach is very helpful intake of one glass of raw potato juice in the morning on an empty stomach. After taking the juice, lie down for 30 minutes. In an hour you can have breakfast. So it is necessary to do 10 days in a row. Then a 10-day break, and again, repeat the course of treatment.

Another 10-day break, and a new course of treatment. At this time, it is necessary to exclude from the diet all meat and fish dishes.

Use with honey: one glass with a tablespoon of honey twice a day – on an empty stomach and at night.

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Potato juice with honey