Dancing bees on honeycomb

Dancing bees on honeycomb

The most important means of communication between bees is special movements on the honeycombs, so-called “dances”. Indeed, in these movements, as in a real dance, there is a rhythm, some definite figures, pretty clear turns, runs, circles. Only they are performed without music. The old Russian observant beekeepers called this behavior of insects a dance. It was believed that the bee is dancing with joy, that a good honey-gathering is going on and the nest is filled with fresh fragrant honey. This dance, incidentally, is of interest to bees that are near. After all, the bee does not dance for itself, but for the observers. And they even try to follow this cheerful energetic bee, to repeat its movements and vibration with the belly, and repeatedly, to fix the lesson taught to them.

As it turned out, the dancing bee with such movements sends certain information to his sisters, reports some new and very important information. Moreover, this language of movements, the symbol of dancing figures, as it has now become known, is well understood by bees, near which the dancer waltzes. They seem to be talking to each other. One dance says that she found many flowering plants, and calls the bees there, and those who closely follow her movements, without waiting for the dance to stop, leave the honeycomb and go to a source of nectar or pollen. And without a guide, not wandering, remembering only what the “dancing bee-scout” “told”, find the source.

Numerous experiments have established that with the help of sign language the scout is able to point to the location of the abundant source of feed, to report even the distance to it, to determine and indicate the strength of the bribe.

In the dance you can distinguish figures in the form of the letter “C” or sickle, zigzag, wagging, circular, reminiscent of the letter “O”, loopy, very similar

to the figure “8”. It seems that bees are familiar with the alphabet and digital symbols and use them when it is necessary to tell about the most important thing for your family.

So far, the most popular among the bees are the circular and eight-dimensional dances. The dance floor is not a horizontal surface, but a sheer honeycomb. A circular dance is performed when the distance to the flowering massif does not exceed 100 m from the dwelling, and the eighth – further. The bees seem to have their own counter, as in a taxi, besides very accurate, which accurately counts the yardage. Moreover, the richer the nectar blossoming array, the more energetic and lively the dances. If the eight is performed calmly and slowly, as if the dancer is tired, the audience bees understand that it is necessary to fly far beyond the nectar.

And how does the scout report the direction of the flight? It turns out that the sun serves as a guide. It always helps bees. After all, they see the ultraviolet rays well, which means they see the sun even when it is covered by clouds. If the dance run is directed upwards, then you must fly from the hive towards the sun; if down, then in the opposite direction from it; if left, then from the sun to the left; if to the right, then we must fly in the same direction from the sun. But the sun does not stand still. And bees, small astronomers, take it into account, make corrections, change the sun angle and accurately, as in the compass, indicate the direction of the flight. This is how the scientists could fully and accurately decipher the meaning of the dance figures of honey bees.

Dancer usually willingly shares with bees nectar, they feel it with tendrils, touch it with tongues. The aroma of nectar, the smell of flowers, preserved on her body, help them to find the right plants.

In the dance, the bee produces ultrasounds, as if singing along, but these pulsating sounds, unequal in duration and tone, undoubtedly have a signal meaning. Scientists have not yet unraveled.

Look into the nest during the flowering of good nectaroons, lifting at least one honeycomb. On it you will see dancing bees. They almost do not pay attention to the invasion and will instinctively spin or loop, wagging the belly in short jogs. Even for them, an experienced beekeeper can determine the direction of flight for nectar.

Intelligence officers notify and mobilize the family not only when a rich source of nectar is found, but also when a source of pollen, propolis and even water is discovered, especially when it is very necessary. The swarm dancers inform him of the found dwelling and call him to a new house. If a few duples are found by the bees of reconnaissance and from them one must choose the best, the swarm flies for the one that dances more energetically and for longer, dances the others.

In a strong family of scouts, much more than in a weak. She finds out faster, uses opened honey. That is why it is important to have strong families on apiaries. Only from them you can get a lot of honey.

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Dancing bees on honeycomb