Kozinaki with honey

Kozinaki with honey

Boil the honey with sugar, pour into the syrup peeled, finely chopped, lightly fried walnut kernels and cook for 15 minutes. Finished gosinakh (hot) put on plates slightly moistened with cold water, level the surface of the layer and cool. After that, slightly heat the plates, remove the gosinas entirely, and then cut into pieces in the form of rhombuses; chopped gozins to shift to plates. Instead of walnuts you can use almonds. 500 g of walnuts are required: honey – 500 g, sugar – 100 g (from Armenian cuisine).

Recipe 2

Ser and cho-ser with honey.

Penka and dry foam is obtained by boiling milk in a bowl with a wide throat. Foam is built up to a thin crust. Then it is removed, salted and put in a separate pan for drying. Dehydrated crust spread on top with honey (from Armenian cuisine).

Lemon juice with honey is successfully used in hypertensive disease, with insomnia and is recommended for people with increased nervous excitability. In a glass of water, Borzhom, Narzan dissolve a spoonful of high-grade honey and juice of half a lemon. Recommended lemon juice in combination with honey and olive oil as a good remedy for diseases of the liver and gall bladder.

Recipe 3

Balls of exploded corn with honey.

Corn corn fry in a cast-iron boiler to the formation of flakes, the latter put in a cauldron with honey, mix and form from them balls the size of an apple. A glass of honey is poured on a kilogram of corn blown corn.

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Kozinaki with honey