Cottage cheese with nuts on honey

Cottage cheese with nuts on honey

In warmed honey, add dried, finely chopped nuts, egg yolks, wheat flour, butter, beat well, and then mix it with the grated cottage cheese. Introduce whipped whites and gently stir.

Prepared curd mass put in a metal cone shaped, oiled with butter and sprinkled with sugar, and bake. Ready headstock pour warm honey. One grandmother is required: cottage cheese – 100 grams, wheat flour – 10 grams, half egg, walnut kernels -15 grams, cream butter-10, granulated sugar – 5 grams, honey – 50 grams.

Recipe 2

Cottage cheese with honey.

Thoroughly mashed curd mixed with honey until smooth and put on a plate. For 450 grams of cottage cheese 3 tablespoons of honey are required.

Recipe 3


Egg whites to beat, and yolks to grind with sugar. After that, combine them, add the sifted flour and mix thoroughly for 20-25 minutes. The resulting dough pieces to lay out on the table, roll out thin cakes and cut into noodles. Cut the flour into flour and fry in boiling Russian oil; then recline on a sieve in order to oil the glass. Roast the noodles in a boiling honey syrup, flip on a sieve, lay crosswise in rows on a dish and cut into pieces in the form of squares. A kilogram of flour requires: 20 egg whites, 10 egg yolks, 700 g of butter, 600 g of honey, 200 g of sugar (from Armenian cooking).

Recipe 4

Asuda with honey.

Wheat flour fry in Russian oil until dark brown, then stirring, add honey. Prepared mass cook for 5-7 minutes. 50 g of wheat flour requires: 20 g melted butter, 30 grams of honey (from Armenian cooking).

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Cottage cheese with nuts on honey