Treatment with bee stings

Treatment with bee stings

When treated with bee venom (bite), the stinger is left in the body for at least 15-20 minutes. Every day the number of bees used for treatment is increased by one. This helps to adapt (addictive) to her body and makes it possible to prevent allergic reactions. The course of treatment is 21 days.

Hypertonic disease.

The bees are placed in the collar zone, and in case of severe headache, additionally to the back of the head (4-8 pieces at the same time).

Angina pectoris.

The bees are placed on the shoulder of the left hand, in the heart site (most often in the place of its projection on the back, simultaneously 2-5 bees). The whole course of treatment requires 60-120 bees. During the treatment of the cardiovascular system, an important role will be played by the microclimate of the apiary, its air, flavored with balsams and phytoncides.

Bronchial asthma.

Bees are placed in the collar zone at the same time 4-8 pcs. with the addition of each day one by one. The course of treatment requires 50-120 bees. Such treatment is well combined with 20% honey inhalation. Effective inhalation from the hive. To do this, a 2 cm diameter hole is made in the stele of the hive, which is closed by a bolt, and a polyethylene tube is inserted into this hole. One end of the tube is in the nest and has a mesh that prevents the penetration of the beeper into the tube. At the second end of the tube put the horn from the oxygen pillow or metal inhalation mask. Inhalation is carried out once a day for 5-10 minutes. Course, treatment 20-22 days. Such a method of treatment is valuable in that patients breathe in fragrances, essential oils, phytoncides of propolis, honey, pollen, perga, wax.


The course needs 40-200 bees, they are placed on the sites of patients joints at the same time 4-10 pieces, but do not more than 4 bites on one joint. Each joint is prepared

for treatment gradually, increasing the number of bees used and the length of sting in the body. In the event that organic changes occur in the joints, the bee venom does not restore their functions, however, it will relieve the pain. Good results are obtained by treating patients with polyarthritis of gouty origin. During the treatment, gouty joints soften, after 1-2 weeks their size after the completion of the introduction of bee venom significantly decreases.

Disease of the peripheral nervous system.

The bees are placed in the places of the corresponding plexus or along the nerves, with radiculitis (lumbosacral, thoracic and cervical), as well as spondylosis (deposition of salts on the spine) from both sides of the spine. The course needs 50-180 bees. Simultaneously it is possible to do 8-12 bites. In some cases, when the patient well withstands bites, you can simultaneously plant 20-25 bees. With all diseases to maintain the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to repeat the course of treatment in the current and next year. In winter, it is advisable to use ointment apizartron (FRG). It can be wiped only after 4 minutes after application to the skin.

Bites can be treated only under the supervision of a doctor. Any self-treatment with the use of bee venom is dangerous for life.

In the case of infiltrates due to the use of bites, in the second half of the day (after a sun bath and sea bathing) it is recommended to use the ointment of calendula (10-20%).

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Treatment with bee stings