Durability of bees

Durability of bees

The life of worker bees is very active, especially in spring and summer. They all their lives carry out various works, which are extremely numerous. Therefore, the bee’s strengths are soon depleted and the wings wear out. Usually bees die on departure for prey. Cold, winds, sudden torrential rain, various enemies, the intensity of work speeds up their death. In the summer, the life of bees is short. Usually those bees that were bred in the spring, do not live to fall. In the winter are bees, bred in late summer. These bees live for several months; they are able to winter and a few weeks to live in the spring.

It is believed that the average life expectancy of the main mass of bees in the summer is approximately six weeks. However, individual bees can survive up to 2-3 months and more in summer.

It is very important to know that the life expectancy of bees depends on the conditions of their existence.

Especially it depends on the strength of the family.

In strong families, the children of the bee live an average of 45-50 days and more, whereas in the weak their eyelids are one and a half to two times shorter. In a very weak family (in a small nucleus), the bee grows two to three times faster than in a strong family, which is primarily due to the fact that the share of each individual bee in a weak family has more work, and the nutritional and life conditions are worse, than in a strong one.

Although the life of individual bees is short, but their families live under favorable conditions for at least tens of years.

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Durability of bees