Bee venom for rheumatism

Bee venom for rheumatism

Observations of the modern clinic and personal data confirm that bee venom has certain healing properties. A good curative effect was obtained in the eye in rheumatic diseases of joints and muscles, with sciatica, facial and other nerves, hypertensive disease of stages I and II, as well as in some other diseases. However, when using bee venom, care should be taken, especially with regard to adolescents and the elderly.

The mechanism of action of bee venom in rheumatism is not well understood. However, it can be assumed that in this case the effect of bee venom on the nervous system is useful. With rheumatism, as some researchers have established, the activity of the nervous system is disrupted, as evidenced by changes in the allergic reactivity of the rheumatic organism.

According to some clinicians, bee venom is a specific remedy for true rheumatism – Sokolsky-Buyo disease, in which the patient easily tolerates bee stings. With infectious arthritis on the soil of syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, the introduction of bee venom causes a strong local and general reaction of the body. Therefore, some doctors not without justification suggested using bee stings with a diagnostic purpose – to establish true rheumatism.

The author also knows patients who, due to their recovery from rheumatism, are obliged to bee venom. Examples of effective treatment of patients with rheumatism with bee venom at a time when all known anti-rheumatic drugs have not produced results indicate that bee venom serves as a remedy for this disease. Hence, one should not conclude that bee venom treatment should be used only in cases when all currently known medicinal products are tested and proved to be ineffective.

On the contrary, it is expedient at once to establish a diagnosis, that is, in an acute period of the disease, to resort to a medicinal bee venom. In these cases it is enough to have a course of treatment (200 bee stings), and sometimes even an incomplete course (100 bee stings), and the patient often gets rid of rheumatism.

However, the author had to observe patients with rheumatism, which bee venom did not get rid of this serious illness. Hence it should be concluded that the prevention of rheumatism, and other diseases, is much more effective than apitoxin therapy.

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Bee venom for rheumatism