Bee venom

If you were bitten by a bee

To neutralize the poison of bees when stinging various means are suggested. Many of them are ineffective, and some (wet earth, clay, etc.) are even harmful, since they can cause tetanus or blood infection. The

Subcutaneous administration of bee venom

The method of intradermal injection of apitoxin obtained from bees has advantages over the method of natural stinging, since it allows prescribing certain doses depending on the patient’s condition. In hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, you can

Electrophoresis and bee venom

Electrophoresis is widely used in the clinic of internal, nervous, surgical, gynecological and other diseases. This method is based on electrolytic dissociation and from all modes of drug administration through the skin is the best.

Application of bee venom

In its pure form, bee venom is used by the method of direct local bite by bees. With this treatment, they achieve the greatest effect. Injections use drugs with bee venom: apizartron, tosapine, malesin, venapiolin

Places of treatment by bee stings

When treating the bee with a special tweezer, apply to the intended area of ​​the skin, previously washed with warm water and soap (do not wipe with alcohol). Repeated abdominal pains in the same skin

Beef tweezers

Tweezers are an anatomical modification, the free ends of which make it easy to take the bee by the chest and attach it to the skin. The young bees, which are still devoid of poison,

Getting bee venom

Young bee-toiler, just emerged from its waxy cradle, almost devoid of bee venom. Gradually, the stock of poison increases and the bee of the 2-week-old reaches its maximum number. An original method for obtaining bee

Properties of bee venom

Well-known properties of bee venom – causes pain, swelling, redness at the site of the bite – associated with its biological purpose. The role of bee venom reduces only to expel unwanted “lacquers” from the

Prospects for treatment with bee venom

Tablets contain different amounts of bee venom, purified from toxic protein (protein), and are colored in different colors depending on the dose of the poison. Coloring is carried out by harmless vegetable paints. For one

Bee venom for rheumatism

Observations of the modern clinic and personal data confirm that bee venom has certain healing properties. A good curative effect was obtained in the eye in rheumatic diseases of joints and muscles, with sciatica, facial

Making poison with bees

The bee under the tip of the abdomen has a special protective device with a very complex structure: glands for making poison, a reservoir (bubble) for the accumulation of poison and a sting for insertion

Treatment with bee stings

When treated with bee venom (bite), the stinger is left in the body for at least 15-20 minutes. Every day the number of bees used for treatment is increased by one. This helps to adapt

Bee venom with neuralgia

Patients with inflammation of the sciatic, femoral and other nerves were treated; the majority in the past had rheumatism. It should be noted that almost all patients before the start of the course of treatment

Portable hive for poison treatment

Received in the apiary several dozen bees can live in a conventional box for no more than one day. This, of course, prevents many patients from properly treated, because they have to go to the

Methods of therapeutic use of bee venom

There are several ways to use bee venom for therapeutic purposes: by direct bee bite (classical method), by injection, by rubbing; with the help of electrophoresis, ultrasound, aerosol and steam inhalations and ingestion. The most