Places of treatment by bee stings

Places of treatment by bee stings

When treating the bee with a special tweezer, apply to the intended area of ​​the skin, previously washed with warm water and soap (do not wipe with alcohol). Repeated abdominal pains in the same skin areas are produced only on the fifth day. For 4 days, swelling, soreness and other phenomena pass, the patient feels well, and apitoxin therapy can be continued. For stinging, choose areas of the body, which are usually made by subcutaneous injection of medicines: the outer surfaces of the shoulders and hips. Bee venom is immediately absorbed and, getting into the flow of blood, has an effect on the entire body.

Places of treatment by bee stings

The bee venom should be applied as follows: on the first day the patient is subjected to the stinging of one bee, on the second day – two bees, on the third – three and so on to 10 days.

After the first course of treatment, that is, after receiving 55 bees, you should take a break for 3-4 days, and then continue treatment and apply 3 bees daily.

For the second course of treatment (one and a half month), the patient should receive a poison of about 150 bees, that is, in total (for two courses) 200 stings of bees. If after this there is no cure or noticeable improvement, treatment should be discontinued.

Experience has shown that the duration of treatment can be reduced by more than half, but the number of stings should remain the same – about 200. Suppose a patient spends his regular vacation in a sanatorium. Here he receives high-calorie food and sanatorium treatment.

In parallel, qualified medical personnel can apply apitoxin therapy to patients with rheumatism. Some sanatoria have their apiaries and can allocate bees for treatment with bee venom.

On the first day the patient is subjected to the stinging of two bees,

On the second – four,

On the third – six,

On the fourth-eight.

From the 5th to the 24th day, the patient receives nine bee-stamps daily.

Thus, for 24 days of stay in the sanatorium the patient will receive 200 stingings. If the patient does not tolerate large doses, such as nine stings per day, then he should confine himself to five stings daily, that is, he will receive 120 stings. If there is a need for the remaining 80 bee stings, he will continue treatment after returning home.

It should be noted that in patients who are treated with bee venom, as a rule, neither tumor nor pain after bee stinging is noted. Even the simultaneous stinging of 20-30 bees by the patient is easy.

However, when the patient recovers or his condition improves significantly, in some cases, the stinging of several or even one bee already causes the usual local reaction (reddening of the skin, swelling, tenderness, etc.).

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Places of treatment by bee stings