Care of bees by phone Care of bees by phone July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

On the screen of home TV an apiary. If there is a trouble in some hive, it will flash. Then call this hive and see what happened there. Beekeepers have installed computers in beehives and can now monitor the life of bees and manage them for hundreds of kilometers. I would not, of course, computerize […]

Conditioner for the hive Conditioner for the hive July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

Beehive: a – side view, b – top view. 1 – housing; 2 – ceiling; 3 – roof; 4 – frames; 5 – leaflet; c – barred holes; 7 – exhaust openings; 8 – vertical duct. Ventilation of hives in winter is not an easy task. The bee club should not receive outside cold air, […]

Hook for the queen bee Hook for the queen bee July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

The cell, used by beekeepers for uterine growth, is not without flaws. I designed my universal uterine cell. It is simple in structure and consists of a body, lid, feeder (fixed tightly), hook and flaps. The size does not differ from the standard. Due to the fact that the cell has a flap on the […]

Binder for multi-hull Binder for multi-hull July 8, 2018 best-kapitan

When roaming with multi-hulls, it happens that the battens weaken. The clip I offer for a rabid multi-hive hive is easy to use and reliable in operation. It consists of steel hooks, sliding locks and upper bracket. At one end of each hook 1, a M8 thread with a length of 30 mm is cut, […]

Apiary equipment and equipment Apiary equipment and equipment July 8, 2018 best-kapitan

Portable multi-operation stand The use of typical machine tools, which has significant dimensions and cost, not every apiary is available. To facilitate carpentry, a portable small-sized stand design has been developed, which can be moved and installed in any convenient place. It is adapted for sawing and planing wood, selecting quarters in boards, drilling holes, […]

Knife for printing honeycombs Knife for printing honeycombs July 8, 2018 best-kapitan

Pylishche – a cutting knife for printing honeycombs, which I made, easy to manufacture, does not require large expenses, it is convenient, durable. To make a knife you need a frame and sawing – cutting blades. As a frame, I use a commercially available apiary knife (large or small). Pylasch – the cutting blade is […]

Flying hoods in the hive Flying hoods in the hive July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

Universal separation grid. In the kit two pieces in the size of 448X470 mm. They are designed for standard 10- and 12-ram hives. For installation in a 10-frame hive, it is sufficient to break off part of the grid. Twelve thin ribs greatly facilitate the transition of bees from the nesting part of the hive […]

Devices and tools for printing out honeycombs Devices and tools for printing out honeycombs July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

Fig. Steam knife for printing out honeycombs. Ordinary double-edged knives with a long thin blade and a curved handle fully meet their purpose. To heat the knives during work, the baths or samovar are used. Each worker should have 2 knives: one heats up, and the other works. However, opening with knives can not satisfy […]

For bonding shields For bonding shields July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

To make the wall of the hive body 450 mm high, you need to glue several boards into one shield. This operation I carry out with the help of the clamp I designed. It consists of a frame 1 welded from two channels having a size of 100X300 mm and two corners 50X690 mm to […]

Miracle-wax-furnace Miracle-wax-furnace July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

Each apiary has a solar wax-up. In it, bright light honeycombs are re-heated and with a minimum of labor they receive high-quality wax. However, it can not be used effectively in the early spring and autumn, when the days are short, and the sun warms poorly. This can be avoided. The corpus of the voskotopki […]

Wind turbine in-house Wind turbine in-house July 6, 2018 best-kapitan

Fig. 1. Two-bladed wind power unit: 1 – windmill; 2 – reducer; 3 – generator; 4 – support; 5 – tail; 6 – post; 7 – extensions; 8 – the lever. Correctly made windy unit at good service works 5-7 years without special expenses. It generates electric energy sufficient to illuminate two or three small […]

Simple and convenient feeder from the beehive frames Simple and convenient feeder from the beehive frames July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

I want to share the construction of the device, which I have made and have been using for many years. I think that it will benefit beekeepers. The feeder in the hive is an irreplaceable thing. It is put for fattening families. But in cold weather or early spring, the bees do not go to […]

How to make a universal trolley at home How to make a universal trolley at home July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

Fig. 1. Universal lift truck A hand pallet truck is required in each household. Some design changes allow to significantly expand the possibilities of using this vehicle. The welded frame 1 of the lift truck forms a technological space, where a load comes in which lies on the ground or stands on a stand. To […]

Mobile tent for inspection of bee colonies Mobile tent for inspection of bee colonies July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

The beekeeping season begins with the fact that on the day of calling the bees out of the winter hut, immediately after the flight, a cursory examination of the families is carried out. In order not to overcool the nest, use special mobile tents. Obviously, the frame of the tent is conveniently placed on a […]

Vaccination frame for growing queen cells Vaccination frame for growing queen cells July 4, 2018 best-kapitan

I use a simple and convenient vaccine frame of my own design. I take three or four bars with a section of 10X8 mm and I make two or three slots 1 mm wide in them. Planks nailed to the side bars of the usual frame. If necessary, they can be rotated. Blades are made […]

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