Hook for the queen bee

Hook for the queen bee

The cell, used by beekeepers for uterine growth, is not without flaws. I designed my universal uterine cell. It is simple in structure and consists of a body, lid, feeder (fixed tightly), hook and flaps. The size does not differ from the standard. Due to the fact that the cell has a flap on the wide side, it is easy to catch the uterus with the right number of bees or without them. For this, opening the flap, I cover the uterus and again gently pushed it. In the cell can be placed without special treatment of the motherhood of any size, putting it on the hook. After the exit of the uterus, it is easily removed.

Immediately you can determine the quality of the uterus. She feels free and, when I release her, looks vigorous. In order for the bees to release the uterus themselves, it is necessary to open the flap to 8-10 mm and the space to be closed with a wax band, hooking the edges over the sides of the cell. Pre-pierce

small holes and spread them with honey. I place the cell between the frames. Bees themselves make the moves and release the uterus, it remains only to remove the cell.

It is convenient to fill the cell with food. Deepening in the trough is located on the side so that the fallen lid from the mother liquor does not cover the food.

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Hook for the queen bee