A set of equipment for collecting bee venom

Catching cassettes are installed on top of the nest of a bee family, selection of the poison is carried out within 30-45 minutes, its termination is determined by the device installed on the panel of

Lock-lock multi-hull beehives

For roaming, multihull hives must have a reliable and convenient connection of parts of the hives. In the practice of beekeeping, many types of constructions are used for securing the hulls of multi-hull beehives –

Apparatus for collecting propolis

When using the ceiling, instead of a canvas, the collection of propolis becomes more complicated, which increases the period of inspection of the bee family. That’s why I made a device of 1 5 mm

Can I use silica gel to reduce humidity in the hive?

Is it advisable to use silica gel for collection of moisture in hives? The silica gel is used indoors, but it is inconvenient to do it in a hive. First, by packing it, bees worry.

Blocker of the upper tap

Change the size of the hole of the upper tap with the help of various attachments: cork, ventilation mesh, grill for the passage of bees, etc. This is inconvenient and takes a lot of time.

Medobonka in the case

We offer attention to beekeepers developed by us honey. It is demountable, portable, transportable, convenient for operation on nomad apiaries. Our medogonka differs from the usual first of all in that it does not have

How to make a round stopper for a tap hole

To make a cork for a round tap of a multihull hive, you can do without a lathe, just cut the bushing-stamp. 25mm A narrow, sharpened end of the die bushing is applied to the

The simplest wax-furnace

Wax raw materials in the apiary are processed in two ways: without boiling – in wax and with boiling – on voskopresse. The greatest yield of quality wax is obtained when pressing raw materials. The

A device for replanting bees from a beehive into a reel drum

Fig. 46. ​​A device for sending bees from a hive into a reel drum One of the effective methods of fighting bee enemy number 1 – varroatosis is the thermal treatment of bees in a

Ventilation for beehives

The Leningrad worker proposed an original way of removing excess moisture from the hive, which would create more comfortable conditions for the wintering of bees. Usually, a propolis “mat” serves as a stopper for the