Wind turbine in-house

Fig. 1. Two-bladed wind power unit: 1 – windmill; 2 – reducer; 3 – generator; 4 – support; 5 – tail; 6 – post; 7 – extensions; 8 – the lever. Correctly made windy unit

Simple and convenient feeder from the beehive frames

I want to share the construction of the device, which I have made and have been using for many years. I think that it will benefit beekeepers. The feeder in the hive is an irreplaceable

How to make a universal trolley at home

Fig. 1. Universal lift truck A hand pallet truck is required in each household. Some design changes allow to significantly expand the possibilities of using this vehicle. The welded frame 1 of the lift truck

Mobile tent for inspection of bee colonies

The beekeeping season begins with the fact that on the day of calling the bees out of the winter hut, immediately after the flight, a cursory examination of the families is carried out. In order

Vaccination frame for growing queen cells

I use a simple and convenient vaccine frame of my own design. I take three or four bars with a section of 10X8 mm and I make two or three slots 1 mm wide in

Re-equip your hedgehog

Fig. 1. Bottom disc: (top view) 1 – window for the shoulder of the frame, 2 – window with staples for fixing the frame. From the chordial four-frame honey extractor, it is easy to make

Instead of the ceiling and canvas

Looking through the old books, I found a recommendation to lay inter-frame spaces with slats 9X12X470 mm in size. I used this technique on my apiary and was very pleased with them. Reiki for a

How to soften the crystallized honeycombs

Probably, every beekeeper after the exhibition of families has to find in honeycomb hives with crystallized honey. The scheme of the bath. Often, bees throw crystals at the bottom of the hive. To help them,

Glacier for food storage

Scheme of glacier with lateral loading of ice: 1 – entrance to the glacier; 2 – shelter; 3 – storage compartment; 4 – walls of the room; 5 – vent pipe; 6 – ice chamber;

Trap for stray swarms

The article “Trap for stray swarms” was published. I received a lot of letters asking them to talk about their device and how to determine the timing of the possible release of the swarm. I