Miracle wax furnace

Each apiary has a solar wax-up. In it, bright light honeycombs are re-heated and with a minimum of labor they receive high-quality wax. However, it can not be used effectively in the early spring and autumn, when the days are short, and the sun warms poorly. This can be avoided.

The corpus of the voskotopki is a magazine extension of a multi-hull or other hive mounted on a smooth board 2. To the extension and the board, the supports 3 are fastened to which the tray 5 and the trough 6 are placed on. The double glazing in the wooden cover 7 is smeared with putty. The lid is tightly fitted to the magazine extension. Before closing the voskotopki between the body and the lid put a gasket from the cloth, which helps maintain the desired temperature in the wax-furnace. Outside, the wax-up is painted black.

The solar wax-up is installed, as usual, on a turning base.

Miracle wax furnace


To do this, in a well-illuminated, sheltered from the wind, place a column 1 with a wooden platform nailed to its end. 2. A rotary disk “Health” 3 and two, holders 4 of a metal strip with cut-outs for putting them on the edge of the platform are installed on the site. In one holder, a coil 5 is placed on the axis from under the threads or film. To the second holder without a coil, attach strip rubber 6 and lay along the circumference of the upper rotating disk “Health”. At the end of the rubber, a strip of dense material is attached to the same width, it is wound through a coil and lowered down. A hook is attached to the strip, on which a bucket 8 or another container with a crane 9 is hung. Water is poured into the container.

The solar wax-up is placed on the disc so that the rays of the rising sun fall on the inclined glass of the lid perpendicularly. Wax raw material is placed on the inclined tray and the bucket tap is opened. The water slowly escapes from the bucket, its weight decreases, and the rubber strip, cutting, turns the

upper disc circle with the standing on it wax-up. The length of the rubber, the dimensions of the device, the capacity of the bucket and the rate of water leakage are determined experimentally in such a way that the wax-up is accurately turned behind the sun and its rays fall on its glass throughout the day. Beekeeper enough in the morning to pour a pail of water in a bucket of water, put on a honeycomb tray, and in the evening pick up the wax.

Disk “Health” is sold in sports stores. If there is no possibility to purchase a disk, then you can make a similar rotary device yourself.

Miracle wax furnace

It consists of an outer cage 1, screwed with a screw 2 to a wooden column 3, and an inner cage 4. Between the cages are placed balls 5. To the upper cage, screws 6 are attached a wooden circular platform 7 on which a voskopka is mounted. Strip rubber on the rotary device is laid along the circumference of the platform 7.

In spring, bees need water. Usually on apiaries make common drinkers, which are a container with a faucet, from which water drips onto the slanting board below it with grooves. These drinkers are convenient, but the water temperature in them is not very different from open natural sources.

To use the short-term appearance of the spring sun to increase the water temperature in the water bowl, a container with a crane is placed in a wax-up. Under the funnel, installed in the hole of the board, put an inclined board.

Miracle wax furnace

Now many beekeepers collect pollen and at the same time have difficulty in drying it. Our vos-kotopka can easily be converted into a small drying cabinet. For this purpose, an electric hot plate is placed on the board under the tray. In the folds for the shoulders of the frames of the second and subsequent extensions, wooden gratings with grids covered with paper are placed. Thus it is necessary to make so that on a perimeter of a sheet of paper the passage for warm air has been opened. On paper, a thin layer of poured pollen and cover the hive roof. Install the thermometer, plug in the electric hot plate and adjust the temperature. For uniform drying, the magazine extensions with frames and pollen are exchanged several times.

Installing hot plates, use asbestos or other insulation.

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