Mobile tent for inspection of bee colonies

Mobile tent for inspection of bee colonies

The beekeeping season begins with the fact that on the day of calling the bees out of the winter hut, immediately after the flight, a cursory examination of the families is carried out. In order not to overcool the nest, use special mobile tents.

Obviously, the frame of the tent is conveniently placed on a trolley – this will eliminate the need to supply it with wheels and vertical racks. One of the most suitable for installing a tent is to recognize the already described U-shaped elevator truck; The frame of the tent in this case will consist of two pipes 1, each of which is provided with a pin 2 and ropes 3, to the ends of which the studs 4 are tied.

The tubes of the carcass pins are inserted into special holes 13 on the vertical racks of the trolley at the crossbar (see Figure 9). Since the frame of the trolley is shorter than the frames of the frame, it is increased by carrying and securing the telescoping

tubes with self-aligning wheels on the opposite side from the handle. In the holes on these pipes and on the frame at the handle pin 4 are wound and nuts are tightened with the nuts, fixing the pipes in the working (horizontal) position. The cover of the tent may be a film, cloth or other material, marked, carved and glued or sewn in the shape of the frame so that the entrance, equipped with double-sided puffs, is located in front of the trolley.

To inspect the bee family, the cart runs into the beehive from the direction of the tap, go inside the tent and close the buckles. To use a tent is useful not only in the early spring, but also in the summer in a time-free time to avoid bee theft.

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Mobile tent for inspection of bee colonies