Conditioner for the hive

Conditioner for the hive Conditioner for the hive

Beehive: a – side view, b – top view. 1 – housing; 2 – ceiling; 3 – roof; 4 – frames; 5 – leaflet; c – barred holes; 7 – exhaust openings; 8 – vertical duct. Ventilation of hives in winter is not an easy task. The bee club should not receive outside cold air, and at the same time exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture must be removed from the beehive. Ordinary lozenges on the center of the hive and a few displaced from it serve just for the influx of cold air. Such windows – doors in the autumn, winter and spring residents of this house are chilled. This is confirmed by them: in August-September they begin to close such propellants with propolis. How to create an active supply and exhaust ventilation, which contributes to the normal life of bees?

It is with this air exchange that wintering bees do not suffer from so-called nosematosis. My invention allows you to arrange safe ventilation in a hive of any design. This is achieved by placing a tap at the side wall of the hive, on the right or on the left. Next, remove one extreme honeycomb frame, and in the ceiling, drill three holes 25 mm in diameter each, one at the corners, one in the center. On the sides in the roof (it has a thickness), too, three holes with a diameter of 5 cm are needed.

The holes are covered with nets, the ceiling of the hive is carefully insulated. Ventilation works as follows: against the tap hole there is no frame, the air goes into the holes in the ceiling, and its speed increases. Therefore, he carries away everything that the bees exhale. And if the usual leaflet (in the center of the hive) closes inside from the frost in winter and the concentration of carbon dioxide rises, then this does not happen with a tap on a warm drift.

In spring, 7 days after the first flight of bees, the ventilation holes in the ceiling must be closed with stoppers, put a honeycomb frame and, as the bee family grows, expand the tray. Thanks to such ventilation, bees are spared from the increased concentration of carbon dioxide, which inhibits the development of families and speeds up the aging of bees. The raw air is taken out, the energy consumption of the bees on the thermoregulation of the brood nest is reduced. Winter development of families is intensifying, huge winter losses of bees are drastically reduced, their immunity to diseases is growing stronger.

Bees wintering at will, such ventilation allows to resist frosts even up to minus 40 њ. Ventilation makes it possible to eliminate so-called wintering habitats, where the presence of bees is unnatural and expensive.

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Conditioner for the hive