Knife for printing honeycombs

Knife for printing honeycombs

Pylishche – a cutting knife for printing honeycombs, which I made, easy to manufacture, does not require large expenses, it is convenient, durable.

To make a knife you need a frame and sawing – cutting blades. As a frame, I use a commercially available apiary knife (large or small). Pylasch – the cutting blade is a hacksaw blade for metal (2 pcs.).

I take an apiary knife, carefully sharpen both its cutting edges. One of the surfaces of the canvas is sanded on the emery from one side, and the edge of the second side is sharpened (see Fig.), Preventing the teeth from grinding along the height. Then one end I round off, and the second I end along the length.

I make the installation, for which the prepared cloth is applied to the edge of the knife from above so that the saw blade protrudes beyond the knife all along the plane by 3 – 5 mm, fixed with a clamp and riveted (spot welding can be used). The same operation I repeat with the second cloth. And the knife is ready.

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Knife for printing honeycombs