Stretcher for hives

Bear hives with bees within a point is often enough, especially during the wandering and when putting them into a winter hut. For this purpose I made a stretcher of my own design. They consist

Beekeeping stock

Fig. Equipment for the care of bees: 1 – facial mesh; 2 – smoke apiary DP; 3 – therapeutic smoke DPL; 4 – chisel of the apiary SPM; 5 – working box-stool; 6 – box

How to make a thermostat for heating beehives

When organizing the wintering of bees in the wild or in an unheated room, to create optimal conditions, beehive families sometimes use the electrical heating of the nest. At the same time, the power of

Homemade Timer

Since I can not go to the apiary on a daily basis, I have made a timer device that gives bees syrup to stimulate the growth of families, replenish the stock of fodder for the

How to make stands for hives

We have made universal supports that enable us to transport beehives, to replace racks in the hibernate and to fully mechanize these processes. And here in a month in the brigade smithy 80 such supports

Universal apiary device

During the active bee season at different times bees are given feeding, water, pollen, nucleuses are formed, the swarm is caught, varroa mites are killed, etc. For each operation, a separate device is usually used.

Bicycle and lift

Bicycle carriage – lift. Often, the location of the apiary does not allow it to approach it on a truck fairly close, and it is not easy to transport multi-hull beams for a relatively large

Wheelless platforms

Transporting the apiary to honey collection with minimal manual labor during loading and unloading of hives can be done using wheelless platform-selfloading trucks, transported by trucks or cars. The length and width of the mobile

Clamps for multi-hull beehives

I belong to the supporters of keeping bees in multi-hive beehives. I think that wintering is better in them, families are growing much faster. Thanks to light and comfortable housings, labor productivity increases, bees are

Stand trolley for movement of hives

My hives are constantly on special pedestals, which move through metal pipes in diameter in half an inch or an inch. For this purpose, the wheels have grooves corresponding to the diameter of the pipes.