Care of bees by phone

Care of bees by phone

On the screen of home TV an apiary. If there is a trouble in some hive, it will flash. Then call this hive and see what happened there.

Beekeepers have installed computers in beehives and can now monitor the life of bees and manage them for hundreds of kilometers.

I would not, of course, computerize the apiary, if not for want. The bees took up five years ago. Electronic engineer, my apiary – in the village of his brother. I can visit bees only on weekends, and even then not always. A brother of bees is not very interested. Do not transport them to a city apartment. Then I clicked on the help of my comrades, also interested in electronics, and together we decided to adapt modern computer technology to watch the life of bees all year round.

In the framework of a beehive, instead of a wire, holders of metal holders have installed metal nets, each knot of which is welded so that it is a thermocouple. The more such nodes, the more accurate the picture will be on the display screen. I still have 16 such thermocouple sensors per frame. The conclusions from these sensors are attached to the connector of the upper part of the bee frame. And in the lower part of the hive we installed a mini computer (analog switch), and it processes the information coming from thermocouples about the temperature change in the hives.

After the bees “rebuilt” the wax, the thermocouple sensors turn out to be immured with wax. Now on the temperature in different parts of the frame, you can determine the state of the hive, monitor the life and movements of the bee swarm, and have a complete picture of the processes going on there. For example, you have an apiary and you leave the bees to winter under snow, as is done in many parts of the country. And your soul is out of place – how are they? Do not dig out the same. And here on the home TV screen, where the picture is displayed from

the “central computer”, a personal, home computer, which, in turn, receives information from the hive mini computer. You watch your bees, even if you are miles away from them. By changing the temperature, you observe where the swarm is at the moment.

The hive computer on specially designed algorithms will determine in what state it is, how many bees there are, calculate the amount of honey, will show how much honey is consumed by bees per month. You will be able to “view” each bee family, causing, as per the selector, various hives. For example, you saw that at the beginning of winter the bee club is near the ceiling of the hive and approaches the back wall. Or bifurcates… It’s bad, such a family can die. Urgently go out, dig a hive out from under the snow, take measures to save the bees. The connection between the central and hive computers is carried out by wire, if you are near, and at great distances – by phone or radio. You can program and signalize about trouble in some hives. On the screen you have the whole apiary, and in the hive where the trouble happened, blinking begins. The computer will calculate the offspring, where the bees are sick, the mode of their existence. Of course, such a system is useful not only in the “podsnezhnyh” apiaries. Wherever bees spend the winter, they should not be bothered once again. The computer will help in this, and not only in winter, but also in summer.

I must say that we used electronics, and for a simpler case – to prevent the swarming of the bees and determine their relation to the uterus attached to the hive. For this purpose, a microphone is installed in the hive and bees are constantly eavesdropping. As soon as the frequency of their buzz reaches a certain level corresponding to the beginning of the swarming, the relay is triggered, and an electromagnetic field is fed into the hive (for this purpose, the appropriate devices are installed on the hive). This is not to their liking, the instinct of swarming is temporarily suppressed, and the bees are calming down. For the final suppression of the instinct of swarming and flying away from the beehive, the beekeeper must nevertheless come to the apiary and apply known methods; but for a few days he can always go away – electronics will post bees. Electromagnetic stimulation, carried out at regular intervals with the help of this device, also favorably affects the bees, they develop better, they bring more honey. Also, according to the frequency spectrum of their buzzing, one can determine their relation to the newly planted uterus. When he shows that the attitude is good, the automation opens the door in it. It seems that our developments will not only help beekeepers, but also scientists who study the behavior of bees and seek funds to fight their diseases.

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Care of bees by phone