Honey peaches

Honey peaches

0.5 kg fresh peaches, 75 grams of granulated sugar, 25 grams of honey, some gingerbread, a little cinnamon.

Carefully clean the brush with a brush on peaches, scald with boiling water and immediately dip into cold water. Remove peel, cut into 2 halves and remove bones.

Take a large bowl, sprinkle the bottom with sugar, put the prepared peaches, top with sand and cook for a couple of 10 minutes, then pour out the allocated juice, put the peaches in a large bowl and sprinkle with the carrot, cut into small cubes.

Put the saucepan on fire, pour 75 g of water, add sugar and cook over low heat syrup. Pour honey into it, sprinkle a little cinnamon and cook until the syrup becomes sticky. Pour them peaches and serve to the table.

Similarly, you can prepare and lotus seeds, if they are boiled and poured with honey syrup.

Recipe 2

Assorted jam with honey.

Cranberries to sort, rinse, put in a pan, pour half a glass of water into it and cook under the lid until the berries become soft. Welded cranberries and kneaded through a hair sieve. In the enameled basin, boil the honey and dip the cranberries, peeled and slices of apples, peeled walnuts and cook for about an hour. For a kilo of cranberries take: honey – 3 kg, 1 kg of apples, walnuts – 1 glass.

Recipe 3

Cottage cheese casserole with honey.

In the wiped cottage cheese add liquid honey, sugar, eggs, semolina and mix thoroughly. Put the mass in a frying pan, previously well lubricated with butter, and bake in an oven for 35–40 minutes. The norm of the products: cottage cheese – 500 g, honey – 50 g, sugar-1/2 cups, eggs – 2 pcs., Semolina – 3-4 tablespoons, butter for lubricating the frying pan – a tablespoon.

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Honey peaches